9 Weird Things You Learn The Longer You Spend Dating Online

Although the basics of dating haven’t changed with the introduction of online dating, people have changed to adapt to the virtual bar scene and it’s made the process of meeting someone even weirder and more ridiculous than it already was. If you spend enough time on Tinder, OKCupid, or whatever your dating app/site of choice, you eventually learn some pretty important lessons.

  1. People have NO shameNow, this isn’t a huge surprise, but when people can hide behind a computer or phone screen, they’ll say and do almost anything… even if it’s going to be obvious they were lying. For instance, he might say he’s a 28-year-old Wall Street mogul when in reality, he’s a 55-year-old unemployed woman. WTF is the point?
  2. Lying has become the norm. Not only do people have no shame, but they justify their lies with their popularity online. Some people don’t even give up the facade when you finally meet them in person, and your trust issues just grow like wildfire because of it.
  3. Men are actually really worried about what women think of them. It’s hard to put yourself out there on a dating website, but have you really ever examined his photos and what he’s trying to get across? Are all of his photos with buddies? He doesn’t want you to know he’s kind of a loner. Is he only taking selfies where he isn’t smiling? Maybe he doesn’t like his teeth.
  4. Some men will literally do anything to get laid without having to do any real work. Basically, some dudes will say and do anything online to get you in their beds except actually go out and make an effort to talk to a woman at a bar. It’s the hardest working lazy boy BS you’ll ever see.
  5. You really have to date a lot of guys to find one that clicks. Endlessly bashing on men or blaming them for the horrible state of modern dating isn’t fair. After all, a lot of the bad experiences in dating stem from people trying to force things to work when they just don’t. Think about how large the world’s population is compared to how many men you’ve dated — you’ll find Mr. Right, but it’ll probably take a while.
  6. People have no manners. Online dating has really taken ghosting to a whole new level. Back in the day, he just wouldn’t answer your calls, or eventually, your texts. Now, he can block you on all social media platforms, all dating sites, his phone, and his tablet. Sex is great one night, and the next day you are persona non grata. How freakin’ rude are people getting?
  7. You’re better off at the bar. OK, so this is subjective, but the majority of women are probably better off going out and meeting someone in person rather than relying on the Internet. You’ll only learn the bar is better by experiencing online dating, but seriously, get back out there and out from behind your screens.
  8. People get really stuck on things you’ve said to them via text or that they’ve read on your profile. I guess when you aren’t dating via computer, you’re forced to remember what people have said, so it’s harder to get fixated if something seems off. Online dating has made every word you’ve written immortal and he can read, reread, copy and send everything. That’s creepy.
  9. Everyone is really desperate to find love. There is desperation in the regular physical dating scene too, but it’s so much more apparent and almost heartbreaking online. People put themselves out there a lot more, and sometimes it’s awkwardly evident how badly they want to find someone. It’s cute and kind of pathetic all at the same time. Don’t be that person, OK?
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314