9 Wild And Dirty Things For Couples To Try In Bed

Once you’re in a relationship, things can get pretty boring in bed damn quick. Having great sex isn’t just for the new couples though. The key to keeping things fresh and exciting in bed is being open to trying new things, but how many new things can you try? Aren’t you going to run out of ideas? If you need a fresh look at your sex life, give these fun activities for couples to explore.

Give/get a foot job. Don’t screw up your face like that. Feet can be very sexy and there are lots of things you can do. Have a shower first. Apply lotion or lube, then get creative. Let your feet do all the work and see if you can make him squirm.

Make a sex tape. If you’ve never made a sex tape (or these days, a video), you don’t know what you’re missing. You don’t have to do anything with it. You don’t even need to watch it (but you probably will). Just knowing that you’re being recorded can bring out the wild woman in you. You’ll find yourself getting more verbal and playing with your hair. He’ll put more effort into making you reach orgasm. Possibly multiple times. If you’re afraid of it getting out, make sure you delete it right away from your phone/computer and from the cloud, too. We all learned that lesson when we watched the fiasco that resulted when Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel accidentally put their sex tape into the hands of all their friends!

Replicate your favorite sex scene. It doesn’t have to be a porn sex scene. It could be a scene from Sex/Life or Sex Education or even from Bridgerton. Each of you can play one of the characters. You can even get dressed up in similar clothes (or lack of!). Be someone else for a fun change of pace. You might have a lot of fun with your next Netflix and chill night with your partner!

Take THC gummies. If weed is legal where you live, purchase some gummies for a fun night inside with your partner. There are two kinds—Sativa and Indica—so make sure you talk to the store clerk about what you can expect from them. This is especially important if you don’t have any experience with weed.

Have extended foreplay. Or only foreplay. The longer foreplay goes on, the more intense the action will be when you have sex. Focus on touching, tasting, and other foreplay activities that feel good. You can even bring some playful accessories like feathers, music, and food. If you really want to amp up your foreplay game, have a few days of foreplay only. By the end of your foreplay only days, you’ll be ready for some wild activities!

Have a threesome. If you’re really daring, bring another person into the bedroom. But first, talk about how you envision that happening and who you’d consider sharing your partner with. Should it be a one time only occasion? What happens if one person is feeling uncomfortable and wants it to end? Threesomes can be a lot of fun but they are not for everyone. If your partner brings it up and you’re not sure if it’s your thing, make sure you express your feelings.

Get tied up or tie him up. Bondage can be very sexy and a lot of fun. Ropes, scarves, ties, or even handcuffs can make suitable restraints. What happens after you or your partner are tied up, though? That’s something that should be discussed before it even starts. Talk about what is acceptable and what is not with your partner (hard limits and soft limits). Agree on whether you need a safe word or if simply saying “stop” is enough.

Share your kinkiest fantasies. One of the most fun things you can do in bed with your partner is simply share your fantasies. Go into explicit detail about who is there, why you’re there, what you are doing, and what you want to happen. Talk about why these fantasies turn you on so much. And if you are really enjoying talking about a fantasy, talk about how you could make it a reality or if you even want to try it. Some fantasies are just for fun. You don’t have to make them all come true.

Try new sex toys. We get used to how our sex toys work. A lot of the time, we use them when we want to get to orgasm fast. If you know exactly how each of your toys works for you, try some new toys. Maybe he’d like to try a prostate massager. Maybe you’re ready for a strapless strap-on device that puts you in control. There are so many toys out there. Try something new and see how much fun you can have with it.

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