A Guy Shares 10 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Wants You Back

Breakups rarely resolve all of the feelings people have toward one another. In many cases, it’s inevitable that one person will want to get back together at some point. While you can’t change or predict your former partner’s feelings, you can at least understand his intentions if he does come sniffing around again in the future. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate that your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

He asks about your dating life.

If you still talk to your ex, he might wait until this topic comes up naturally. That being said, a guy who wants to get back together will go out of his way to ask about your situation. He’ll want to learn this information as soon as possible and needs it to know where he stands. Once he asks about your dating life, any follow-up questions like “how’s it going?”  can be a sign that he’s curious because he wants you back.

He’s jealous.

You should be able to tell the difference between someone being happy for you and someone feeling jealous. Typically, jealousy that you’re with someone else is a sign that he wants you back because he believes you have unfinished business and you’re “his.” If nothing else, it’s a sign that he’s not over you and there are some unresolved feelings. Sometimes that can trick him into thinking that he wants to get back together.

He announces that he’s single.

Again, this might come up naturally, but if he goes out of his way to let you know he’s single, it usually means he wants you to know. Based on his tone, it may be obvious that he’s hinting at a reunion. He might be trying to put up a front that he’s cool on his own and glad to be out of a relationship, but hopefully you can see right through this.

He asks your friends about you.

Yes, this is a tad middle school, but it still happens. If your ex reaches out to one of your friends to ask about you, it’s obvious he has some desire to get back together. It’s his way of dipping his foot in the water to test the temperature. Some guys think going through a friend is a safer way of finding out information about your relationship than asking you directly.

He always wants to reminisce.

Nostalgia is a great way to trick someone into getting back together with you. A guy who wants you as his girlfriend will always try to get you thinking about the good times you had together. Granted, it could be an isolated incident, but if he’s constantly trying to remind you of your best moments together, he probably wants you back. If nothing else, he’s trying to hook up with you “for old time’s sake.”

He wants to talk about what went wrong.

In a way, this is just a different type of nostalgia. After all, it succeeds in getting you to think about your relationship, even if the focus is on the bad parts. An ex-boyfriend may want to go over the things that went wrong in the relationship as a way to show you that things will be better if you give him another chance. It’s not the most conventional approach to a reunion, but some guys will try it.

Physical contact is back on the cards.

If you see your ex-boyfriend and he makes an effort to make physical contact with you, look out! It could be a pat on the back or shoulder or even a lingering hug. Either way, it’s not necessarily appropriate for an ex to do that depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that breaking the touch barrier can be considered flirting, so when your ex does it, it’s no accident.

You start getting drunk phone calls/texts.

Come on, nobody drunk dials or text an ex if they’re completely over the relationship. In fact, I think we all know that those kinds of phone calls and texts can be quite revealing. Any late-night calls or texts that seem like the work of a drunk person could be the work of an ex-boyfriend who secretly wants you back.

He compliments you.

Sure, maybe he’s just being nice to you because he’s trying to be a cordial ex-boyfriend, but compliments are also a common way that men court women. Hopefully, you can tell the difference between a friendly compliment and one that’s suspiciously nice. Also, keep in mind that an ex will know how to compliment you in a way that he knows will flatter you. He can use that knowledge to get into your good graces if he’s trying to get you back. If a compliment is too personal or nostalgic, he might be plotting a way to get you back.

He’s upset with you.

Obviously, being mad at you isn’t how an ex is trying to win you back. However, he’s angry because he cares about you and because the two of you aren’t together. It can be a frustrating situation for guys that causes them to lash out. If you’re wondering why an ex-boyfriend is mad at you, there’s a good chance it’s because he has unresolved feelings and wants to be a proper couple again.

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