A Guy Shares 10 Simple Things Men Want From A Future Wife

The term “wife material” seems to get thrown a lot these days, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what do men want in a wife? The truth is that at their core, men are mostly simple creatures. Yes, a few of us have exotic tastes or go overboard with things we consider must-haves. However, most guys just want a normal, happy life and only have a few simple requests when it comes to the woman they marry.

  1. No drama Frankly, if men want drama, they’ll keep dating. Specifically, they’ll keep dating the wrong type of person. When it comes to a wife, however, most guys want a largely drama-free life. Of course, there will be fights sometimes just like any other marriage, but most guys don’t want anything too crazy or for fights to be too public. By the time we get married, we want those days to be over.
  2. Romance Admittedly, this is a man’s job too to make sure that the relationship doesn’t get stale and that the spark is still there after getting married. But since this is the 21st century, there’s no question that marriages should be an equal partnership. That means wives are just as responsible for creating romance as their husbands. Most men don’t want the romance to die out any more than women. As a wife, you’re sometimes responsible for keeping the spark alive too.
  3. Honesty Lying to your partner is a lot like playing relationship games, which should be completely over by the time a couple gets married. More than almost anything else, guys want to know that they can trust their wives. That means having a wife who is always honest with them. Men don’t like playing guessing games and most of us aren’t that good at them. That means a wife needs to be forthright and honest with the man she marries. Who wouldn’t want that?
  4. Peace and quiet Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but by the time men settle down, the thing they want most is a little peace and quiet, at least some of the time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t talk and be a little loud sometimes. However, guys do want a woman who knows when a guy needs a little space. In these moments, as long as there is calmness most of the time, he should be happy being married, so he needs a wife who can help provide that.
  5. Laughter In general, guys love being around a woman who is generally happy and likes to laugh. That’s not going to change when we get married, so most guys will want their future wives to have a good sense of humor. As long as a guy can make a woman laugh, he’ll feel like he is worth something and worthy of her. That means a guy typically wants to hear a lot of laughter from his future wife. This isn’t just one of the things men want in a wife—it’s what anyone would want in a partner.
  6. A little freedom Of all the things men want in a wife, this comes at the tippy top of the list. Guys want to be married without feeling as if they’re being tied down. We don’t want to feel like we’re on a short leash or can’t enjoy ourselves outside of the relationship. There needs to be a certain level of freedom outside of the relationship. Of course, the same is true for women as well. Most guys want their future wives to have a life outside of the relationship too. In other words, being married shouldn’t feel like being tethered to the other person.
  7. Affection Okay, let’s not confuse affection for sex. Even outside of sex, guys like to feel affection coming from their partners. This is particularly true after the honeymoon stage ends. That affection doesn’t have to be overboard and it surely doesn’t have to be in public. But it does have to be enough to let us know that the love in the relationship is still there. Otherwise, two people will get married and become more like roommates than husband and wife, and nobody wants a marriage like that.
  8. Loyalty Isn’t loyalty what marriage is all about? To commit to one person for the rest of your life. There’s no question that guys need that in their future wives. We don’t want to spend our time wondering if you are always going to be loyal and committed to us. We need to know without a doubt that the person who is going to be our wife will never stray from the relationship.
  9. Acceptance Men will do a lot for a woman they love, but we don’t want to be with someone who feels like they need to change us. We want someone who will accept us for exactly who we are. That doesn’t always mean loving everything about us. But most men just want to be with someone who accepts them. This is essential in someone who we want to be our wife.
  10. An open mind A wife with an open mind is always going to be a keeper. Spending the rest of your life with someone sounds like a long time. It requires someone to be open to trying new things to help keep the relationship fresh and exciting. Most guys fear falling into a rut or settling down too much when they get married. That’s why we need wives who are going to help us avoid such a fate by staying open-minded.

While the things men want in a wife will vary depending on the person, these qualities above apply pretty much across the board.

Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.