A Guy Shares 12 Things You Should Never Text Him

For better or worse, texting is a huge part of relationships nowadays. In fact, it can even make or break a relationship, especially in the early stages. That makes texting a critical skill for single women (and men) looking for a relationship. You want to avoid saying the wrong things, so you’re better off never sending a guy these texts.

Messages with countless pics I get it, taking pictures of yourself with your fun is easy and fun. On the surface, it also makes sense to send pictures of yourself to a guy to help pique his interest. But there’s a limit to how many pics a guy will tolerate. Unless all of the pics you send him are super sexy and guaranteed to grab his attention, limit the amount you send over to keep him wanting more.

“I’m bored, what’s up?” This might seem like an easy way to jumpstart a text conversation, but it’s not exactly endearing. You want a guy to think that you’re excited to talk to him rather than using him as a last resort because you have nothing better to do. If you want to start a text convo with a guy, start it with something interesting. Wouldn’t you want the same?

“Where are you?” This text definitely screams clingy and way too involved, especially if it’s early in the relationship. Unless you’re in a stable relationship or you’re supposed to meet him and he’s running seriously late, there’s no reason to ever send this text. He’ll immediately think that you’re needy and looking to infringe on his freedom.

“What are we?” Yes, this conversation needs to happen at some point, but you shouldn’t try to define your relationship over text. Honestly, if you text a guy this, you’re almost begging him to ghost you. Just wait until you’re hanging out with him and genuinely enjoying each other’s company to ask him where the conversation is going.

Nothing but emojis Some guys might be different, but most of us aren’t huge fans of emojis. If you really like them, feel free to slip them in every now and then. That being said, texts three or more emojis and no words aren’t going to fly with most guys. There’s a good chance he won’t know what you’re trying to say with those emojis, making him frustrated and less excited to pursue the relationship.

“I love you” (if you haven’t said it before). Of course, in a stable relationship, you should always text this to your partner. However, until you’ve said it in real life, you should never text this to a guy. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this too much, but nobody should be taking that step in a relationship via text.

A long, pointless story If you have an interesting story that you’re dying to share with a guy, don’t text it to him if it’s more than a sentence or two. Texts are meant to be quick and easy. Guys typically don’t want to feel like they’ve received a reading assignment the way they did in school. Just call or a guy or text him that you have a great story to share with him the next time you see him. It’ll avoid a long text and give him something to look forward to.

“Why do you even like me?” Honestly, this might be one of those cardinal sins in relationships. It’s something that you probably don’t want to say to him and you certainly shouldn’t text it to him. It just reeks of insecurity, which is a major turn-off. Plus, it’s such a negative statement that he might not even bother with a reply; he’ll just end the relationship right then and there.

“Are you getting my texts? Just checking.” If it’s taking a while for a guy to text you back, the last thing he wants is you checking on him. People are busy and can’t always get back to you as quickly as you’d like. Just trust that he’ll text you back when he’s ready. Even if he’s in the midst of ghosting you, asking him if he’s getting your texts isn’t going to change that.

“We need to talk.” Obviously, this can be a rather ominous statement, which is not what you want when texting a guy. If you “need” to talk to him, just ask him if he wants to get together. You can talk to him then or you can just call him and talk to him on the phone. Telling someone that you need to talk can be unnerving. Plus, if it’s something important, you probably don’t want to discuss it via text.

“I’m late!” Even if it’s true, this is news you want to deliver via text. At a minimum, it warrants a phone call, but it’s probably an issue that needs to be talked about face-to-face. Let’s face it, anyone is bound to have a strong reaction to this statement, so texting doesn’t do it justice.

“I see you.” If you see a guy out and about, don’t let him know by texting “I see you” if he wasn’t expecting to see you somewhere. It comes off stalkerish and a little creepy. Those are things you’d like to avoid when texting guys, so just walk up to him and say something like, “fancy seeing you here.” That’s usually a lot more charming than a creepy “I see you” text.

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