A Guy Shares How To Get Your Ex To Want You Back

While you probably shouldn’t have high expectations for a reunion with a guy who dumped you, there are a few things you can do to help push him in the right direction back into your arms. As a guy, here are some thoughts on things you should and shouldn’t do if you want your ex to want you back.

  1. Give him space. Trust me, you can’t put pressure on him if you want to win his affections back. Odds are, it’ll come off as clingy and annoying even if it’s coming from a place of love. Guys don’t want that and you’ll just end up doing more harm than good. One of the best things you can do is give him space. That way, he’ll have a chance to miss you. If you can’t get him to miss you, he’s never going to want you back. This might be the only chance you have.
  2. Try to move on. Realistically, you need to prepare for the possibility that you won’t get your ex back. You also need to give him the impression that you’re moving on. If he thinks he can get you back anytime he wants, he’ll never want to. Instead, you have to make him think that he’ll lose you forever. That might be the only way to trick him into realizing that he still wants you. Plus, if he sees you moving on with new hobbies and ways of filling your time, it might pique his interest in keeping you in his life.
  3. Be happy on social media. Of course, part of moving on is looking like you’re moving on via social media. If there’s any chance of getting your ex back, he’ll be watching your social profiles. If he’s not, there’s probably little chance of a reunion anyway. Either way, you don’t want to show the world that you’re moping and unhappy. You have to look like you’re moving on and enjoying your life. If your ex sees that, he might have a change of heart and start thinking that he wants to be with you after all.
  4. Figure out how it went wrong. If you want a second chance with an ex, something about the relationship has to be different. If it’s the same as before, it’ll just end for the same reasons all over again. You have to understand where things went wrong and then be able to explain to him why things will be different if you get back together. Most guys will need some convincing to get back together, so you need to be clear about why this truly would be a fresh start.
  5. Don’t come off as desperate. You can’t seem too eager here. I can’t stress that enough. Most of the time, you want to stay away from big gestures or trying to trick him into seeing you in a romantic setting. It makes us feel pressured and manipulated and most men don’t like that. It’ll send us running quicker than you can blink.
  6. Take a trip down memory lane. For the record, this technique is a little manipulative, but it can be effective. Try to remind him of the good moments in your relationship and why you became a couple in the first place. The key is to focus on good memories rather than the bad ones. This can get him thinking about the positives of the relationship rather than the negatives. Convince him that you made a great couple once and can be a great couple again.
  7. Try to be friends first. Going from broken up to getting back together can be a big step. For some guys, it’s too overwhelming, which makes us hesitant for a reunion. The alternative is to try being friends, although maybe not right away. The goal here is to just stay on his radar so that he can remember the relationship and miss you. Without pressuring him, you can slowly remind him what a great couple you made. Plus, if you’re friends for a while, getting back together won’t seem like such a gigantic life event.
  8. Seduce him. When in doubt, you can always try to seduce him to make him want you back. Of course, this should probably be your last-resort option. If he has any lingering feelings, it’ll be hard not to sleep with you if you try to seduce him and pull out all the stops. Of course, I won’t lie and say that sleeping with him will guarantee that you’ll get back together, but honestly, it can’t hurt. If he does, you’ll at least know that there’s a part of him that wants you back.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.