Abandoned Puppy Buried In Dumpster Rescued From Trash And Given New Home

Abandoned Puppy Buried In Dumpster Rescued From Trash And Given New Home Columbus Refuse

A puppy found thrown in a dumpster at an Ohio apartment complex was rescued by a refuse operator and is now happily living in a new home. David Carlson was servicing the dumpsters at the Columbus complex when he saw a puppy “struggling to get out from under trash,” the Columbus Department of Public Service revealed. Thankfully, this story has a very happy ending.

  1. Carlson called his supervisor when he saw the puppy. Logan Sieg came out to the complex when he received Carlson’s call and “entered the dumpster to dig the puppy out and rescue it.” Thankfully, he seemed to be in good health, but both men were shocked that anyone could discard an animal so cruelly.
  2. Sieg was extremely upset to see the poor animal in the dumpster. “It’s shocking seeing a dog in the dumpster. It’s not something you usually see. You know they don’t belong there,” he told WBNS. “It was upsetting to see someone just throw it in there and get rid of it like that.”
  3. They took the puppy to the Franklin County Dog Shelter. The shelter gave the puppy a good look over and cared for him with food, a comfy place to sleep, and lots of love. The Columbus Department of Public Service said in their Facebook post that “the puppy is doing great” and thanked Sieg and Carlson for “going above and beyond in service.”
  4. The puppy has now been adopted by Brandon Dawson and his wife. They’ve named the pup Duke, WSYX reports. “We walked down the last row, and they let us sit down and see the dog, and immediately, he just jumped up and gave us a hug,” Dawson said. “It was love at first sight kind of thing. Neither one of us wanted to let him go, and after that, I told them we will give him a chance.”

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