Abusive Boyfriend Caught On Camera Choking, Punching, And Slapping Girlfriend For Forgetting Gift At Restaurant

A Brazilian woman managed to capture an attack from her abusive ex-boyfriend on a hidden camera. Luciana Sinzimbra, 27, is a lawyer from Goiania whose boyfriend at the time, Victor Junqueira, launched a violent attack against her after she accidentally forgot a gift at a bar after an evening out. In the clip, which she took on a hidden cell phone camera, he can be seen slapping, punching, and even choking his girlfriend of three years.

  1. She begs him to stop hitting her in the video. However, Junqueira can be heard shouting back, “I’ll beat you up more! You lied to me that whole time!” While Sinzimbra turned on the camera predicting that he would get violent with her, she was admittedly taken aback by how easily he could turn. “You can’t believe that the person you spent three years with will hurt you, will hit you or (try) to kill you,” she told a local news channel, according to The Daily Mail.
  2. Sinzimbra reported Junqueria to the police the same day. However, they only put “precautionary measures” in place against him at the time and he wasn’t arrested. Instead, he was charged with bodily injury, threat, and domestic violence and his lawyer claimed Junqueira regretted the incident. “He’s trying to digest this, analyze what got him in that situation,” said his lawyer, Romero Ferraz Filho. “He’s extremely sorry he got where he came from and he’s not a violent guy. Both had gotten drunk.”
  3. Junqueira was told not to speak to Sinzimbra. The Public Ministry of Goias launched an investigation into the case and ordered Junqueira not to have any contact with his former girlfriend. However, this didn’t do enough to assuage the fear she felt that he may come after her.
  4. He has continued to harass her despite wearing an ankle monitor. In an interview with a local paper, Sinzimbra revealed that despite Junqueira being on probation and wearing a GPS ankle monitor, he has continued to harass her, calling her and turning up at her house to make her feel unsafe. “I felt anguished, scared, feeling panic that the person could easily torment me and nothing could be done,” she said. Here’s hoping she’s able to stay safe and the police help ensure that’s the case.

WARNING: The following video includes disturbing scenes that some viewers may find difficult to watch.

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