Ace Ventura 3 Is Officially In Development At Amazon Warner Bros.

Ace Ventura 3 Is Officially In Development At Amazon

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you’ve seen and loved Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. When I was in school, Ace’s “Somebody stop me!” catchphrase was a regular on the playground, as was the memorable “Is your number still 911? Allllllrighty then!” Perhaps I’m dating myself a bit with those references, but if you get me, you’ll be just as excited as I am that Ace Ventura 3 is officially in the works at Amazon.

The news was announced in a retrospective on Morgan Creek. If you’re not familiar with the name, Morgan Creek is the production company behind the original Ace Ventura movie, which automatically makes it legendary. The Ace Ventura mention was so quick that you’d miss it if you weren’t paying attention, which makes it even more special. “Ace Ventura will see a new day at Amazon as a major motion-picture/theatrical with the Sonic the Hedgehog writers,” the article read.

Clearly fans are excited! While Ace Ventura isn’t the only reboot in progress, it is one of the ones fans are most excited about. “We’re pretty excited about our franchise developments with Exorcist and the Ace Ventura franchise – it’s noticeable from the 3 million fans chatting on the official Facebook page for Ace Ventura that audiences are clamoring for a 3rd installment,” they wrote. “During Covid, audiences have been in love and are thrilled to have beloved characters brought back with new stories.”

No word on whether or not Jim Carrey will return. But he kinda has to, right? Otherwise, there’d literally be zero point in bringing back Ace Ventura since the character is tied to him. No one else could replace him, and there’s no way you could have an Ace Ventura movie without Ace himself, so fingers crossed Carrey will be back. I mean, why wouldn’t he?

No further details are known at this time. Sadly, all we know is that Ace Ventura 3 is in development. There’s no more information as to cast, possible timeline, or even a theoretical release date in mind, so it’s probably going to be a while. However, just knowing it’s on the way is good enough for me – I can’t wait!

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