Addicts Are Getting ‘High On The Lord’ At A Christian Crack House

A former meth addict from Minnesota said he started a “Christian Crack House” in the state to provide a place for his followers to “get high on the Lord.” How do they do that, you ask? As Vice reveals, they snort and huff essential oils all in the name of God.

The Christian Crack House used to be a regular old crack house. The house of worship, located in a rough area with “36 organized gangs,” but then Brandon Barthrop was given the building after someone bought it for $20,000, he knew he could turn it into a more positive place.

Some of the language Barthrop uses to describe his product is… interesting. As Barthrop told Vice, “The devil had his crack house. Now I’m gonna have my crack house, and they’re gonna get high on my crack.” His crack, of course, comes in the form of burning frankincense and getting everybody “jacked up” on essential oils. “I do a lot of stuff with essential oils, just for, like, fun,” he revealed. “And we snort ’em and huff ’em and get all jacked up on ’em.” That seems… not very smart or safe.

Do essential oils actually get you high? Barthrop says yes, of course. “The stuff’s so pure that you can orally ingest it and it can be huffed up the nose,” he explained. “You just pour a little on… and just bring it right into your brains and get high on frankincense.” Uh…

Apparently, doing this is completely legal. Since essential oils aren’t against the law, huffing them is “completely legal,” Barthrop says. He also claimed that Jesus huffed frankincense as a baby, adding, “You know Jesus, when he was a baby, started huffing frankincense right in the crip. It’s evidence he was high from birth.”

It’s not just essential oils Barthrop and his followers get high on. He also talks about “Diamond Oil,” which he claims gives him a “Holy Ghost body high.” He says it’s very similar to “a clean and pure methamphetamine.” Apparently, Barthrop invented this Diamond Oil and owns the patents on it. Yikes!

Barthrop eventually wants to “trance out the entire planet” and help find “the perfect drug.” He believes that being high is a way to be in communion with God. “Christianity, in its purest form, is pure pleasure, pure spirituality that benefits everyone around you continuously by positive energy,” he said. “2000 Years ago they were experiencing ecstasy in the Holy Spirit and it’s been a common occurrence throughout the entire church history and so, the drunkenness is simply ecstasy. It’s pure biblical Christianity.” Okay, dude.

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