Adele Announces New Album Is Coming In September While Performing At Friend’s Wedding

It’s coming up on five years since we’ve had a new Adele album to listen, sing, and maybe sometimes cry along to, and that’s way too long. While the singer is notorious for taking her time to ensure the songs she puts out really represent her artistic vision, after her recent split from her husband and the reveal of her whole new look, everyone has been wondering when we’re going to get new music. Well, wonder no more, because it seems a new Adele album will be here by September.

  1. Adele revealed the news while performing at a friend’s wedding. The announcement was made at the wedding of Adele’s BFF, friend, the author, illustrator and My Same inspiration, Laura Dockrill, according to Stereogum. Frankly, I admire her friend for not worrying that the bride and groom’s special day was going to be completely overshadowed by the fact that friggin’ ADELE was performing at the reception, but good for them.
  2. It’s hard to say whether or not this is official, but fans are hopeful. Before performing her hit “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele told the crowd to “expect [her] album in September.” I’m not sure if an announcement made at a friend’s wedding counts as official or, if the album is indeed coming out in September when exactly that will be, but that doesn’t matter! Adele says new music is coming in September and I choose to believe her.
  3. I wonder what the new album will sound like? Adele’s sound has stayed very identifiably her over the years but it’s also matured and grown along with her. We can probably expect your standard bomb breakup tracks on the new album, but also given that Adele is rumored to be dating Skepta, could there be some more hip hop influences involved? I have no idea what to expect and that’s part of what’s so exciting!
  4. Whatever it sounds like, it’s bound to be good. This is Adele we’re talking about here and she’s a total queen. I’m sure whatever the new album sounds like, it’s going to be incredible (and will no doubt dominate the charts for a very long time to come).


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