Adult Film Star Reveals She’s Left Injured And ‘Covered In Bruises’ After Filming Certain Scenes

An adult film star has revealed that she can often be left injured and “covered in bruises” after filming “super rough” scenes. Talking with fellow actress Holly Randall on her podcast Holly Randall Unfiltered, Dahl admitted she was “very upset” after one shoot in particular because she had so many bruises all over her cleavage area that she couldn’t work for days.

  1. Sometimes the communication just isn’t clear enough. As Dahl explained, it’s important for an actress to know what she’s getting into in an adult film scene. “I definitely have had experiences on set where there were miscommunications that were very frustrating,” she recalled of one shoot. “There was one particular scene that was a boy-boy-girl scene, a threesome scene, but I was very upset because I went into that assuming it was a vanilla sex scene.”
  2. The scene she was in was “super duper rough.” Once the scene in question began filming, things got out of control very quickly and Dahl wasn’t happy about it. “When we get to actually start filming the sex part the information actually came up of ‘oh like, we want this to be an incredibly rough scene. We want this to be super duper rough,'” she said. “Which was new information to me and the day is already half done.”
  3. Dahl had another shoot scheduled and had to be in top shape to do it. Knowing that her next job was only a couple of days away, Dahl was concerned with taking part in a rough scene as she knew it had the potential to leave her with bruises. While she asked the male actor to fake the rough behavior, he “did not comprehend that information.”
  4. Her next job ended up being canceled. Because she was so marked from the shoot, Dahl was annoyed when her next job got nixed because of it. “I left set that day with lots of bruises all over my boobs and the set I was hoping to not get canceled two days later, was canceled,” she shared.
  5. Dahl does like it rough, she says. And while she’s “okay with getting bruises,” the problem is that she “needs to be informed” when a scene will require it. Dahl and Randall agreed that there should be a “boundary checklist” on adult film sets to ensure the actresses are being looked after and feel safe and comfortable during shoots.


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