AirPod Carrying Straps Are The Must-Have Accessory For People Who Lose Everything

AirPods cost, like, $160. They’re super expensive for what they are but people who are loyal to Apple and have to have everything they put out will always drop money like this on a mediocre product (this coming from someone who’s always had an iPhone and refuses to switch). Anyway, the problem with paying $160 for wireless headphones is that they’re easy to misplace, which is why carrying straps have been invented.

  1. It makes your AirPods like regular headphones. The carrying straps attach to the bottom of each of the earphones on either end of a long rope-like line, meaning they’ll always stay together and will be less likely to get away from you. Sure, it kinda defeats the purpose of having wireless headphones, but whatever!
  2. You don’t need to plug the strap into your phone. The AirPods will still work like Bluetooth/wireless headphones in that you won’t need to plug them into your phone’s lightning connector, but they will be connected via the strap.
  3. The strap isn’t the ugliest thing in the world… The strap, which is available in rope, leather, and nylon, maintains some vague level of fashion and you won’t stick out like a sore thumb with it (or at least not because of the strap itself), but it does still seem a bit silly.
  4. Maybe AirPods just aren’t for you? I feel like if you’re that clumsy that you’d easily misplace/outright lose your AirPods, then maybe wireless headphones aren’t for you. There’s no shame in that! There are plenty of cool wired headphones that will probably give you even better sound quality AND won’t need a strap. Just sayin’.
  5. If you still want your AirPods, Tapper can help. If you do insist on having AirPods and need a little help keeping hold of them, try Tapper, which ships their straps free worldwide and offers them in a variety of colors and materials from anywhere between $33 and $77. With Christmas just around the corner, they could be the perfect gift for the forgetful person in your life. You can grab yours HERE.
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