Aldi’s Bottle Pineapple Mimosas Are Back For Spring And They’re Only $9

Spring is finally upon us but sadly, heading out for brunch every weekend, enjoying some al fresco eggs benedict with bottomless mimosas just isn’t possible at the moment. However, there’s no reason you can’t recreate the experience at home, especially now that Aldi’s Pineapple Mimosas are back on shelves and ready to drink straight from the bottle!

  1. Pineapple-flavored mimosas? Yes, please! Aldi really hit the nail on the head with this one. While traditional mimosas, which are made with orange juice, are super delicious as they are, putting a tropical twist with pineapple instead is really genius. It’s basically summer in a glass!
  2. I’m all for drinks I don’t have to mix myself. Having to buy separate ingredients to make mixed drinks is my idea of a nightmare, especially right now when it’s hard to source certain ingredients and going to the grocery store is already like a minefield. The fact that Aldi’s Pineapple Mimosas can literally be drank straight from the bottle as soon as you get it is a godsend.
  3. For $8.99, it’s a total steal. This colossal 750 ml bottle is just under $9, which means you can grab a few without blowing your grocery budget (and you probably should since this stuff is super popular and will likely sell out soon). Plus, the artwork on the bottle is so good, that makes it worth the price alone!
  4. Aldi’s pineapple mimosa was around last year too. Aldi brought this product out last spring and it was a massive hit with customers. Thankfully, they heard our prayers and decided to bring it back for 2020 (thanks for the heads up, @aldi.mademedoit!) and I couldn’t be happier. With how stressful life is right now, we all need whatever delicious distractions we can get.
  5. It’s available in stores now, so you know what to do. Granted, grabbing a bottle isn’t enough of a reason to go out on its own, especially since it doesn’t count as an “essential trip.” However, the next time you’re in desperate need of groceries, why not pick this up while you’re at Aldi?
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