Aldi Is Selling Jars Of Edible Cookie Dough To Cure Your Quarantine Blues

In these trying times, one of the only things that will keep our tether to sanity strong is the occasional sweet treat. Perhaps you’ve even baked a few cakes or cookies already and now you’re getting down on snacks. Well, the next time you head to Aldi to pick up some fresh food, make sure you stop by the refrigerator aisle to pick up a few tubs of their edible cookie dough.

  1. That’s right, it’s fine to eat right from the jar. I feel like it’s common knowledge at this point that cookie dough is sometimes even better than the actual cookies they turn into once baked. Hence, plenty of brands are getting on board with making edible cookie dough meant to be eaten just like that, and Aldi is hopping on the trend too, thank goodness.
  2. The dough comes in two delicious flavors. Bake House Creations’ Edible Cookie Dough comes in Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter flavors and I’m sure both are equally delicious. You can even mix in your own extras if you’d like before eating, like Peanut M&M’s or crushed Oreos. Anything you can think of, really!
  3. It’s meant to be eaten “raw,” not cooked. As the instructions on the jars read, “Eat… don’t bake!” That’s right, this edible cookie dough really is just dough rather than something meant to go in the oven and turned into actual cookies. Hey, that’s fine by me, Aldi!
  4. No word on cost, but this is Aldi so it’ll be affordable. The product was first brought to my attention by Instagrammer @AldiFavoriteFinds, though they didn’t mention how much the edible cookie dough costs. Given that Aldi is an affordable store, however, I can’t imagine it would be any more than $3.50 or so.
  5. Don’t forget to pick this up on your next trip! While you should only be going to the grocery store for necessities like fresh fruit and vegetables and the like, there’s no harm in picking up a little snack while you’re there, right?
Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.