Aldi Is Selling A Half-Cool, Half-Warm Duvet For Couples Who Like Different Sleep Temperatures

If you’re in a relationship and live with your partner or sleep over at each other’s places often, chances are your sleep might be suffering. After all, everyone prefers different conditions when they lay their heads down at night. For instance, I’m always cold while my boyfriend is always hot. It means I’m always trying to hog all the blankets and he’s left with none when it does actually get chilly. Thankfully, Aldi knows this pain all too well and they’re selling a half-warm, half-cool duvet to solve the problem!

  1. The Slumberdown ‘Made For You Two’ duvet is the product of dreams. It comes split in half, with one side perfect for those of us who are freezing all the time and one for those who prefer lighter coverage. In other words, one half is 4.5 tog and the other side is 10.5 tog. It’s also machine washable so you can throw it in for a clean and tumble dry when it needs it.
  2. Even the product description seems inviting. “Get the sleep you deserve with this Made For You Two Double Duvet,” it reads. “This clever duvet has one half that is 4.5 tog in thickness for the warmer months, and a 10.5 tog half for the chillier months, or, if you sleep with a partner who prefers to be warmer or colder, this duvet is the perfect solution to ensure bedtime harmony. So snuggle down, and enjoy the perfect temperature.” I’m sold!
  3. You don’t even need a partner to enjoy this. Theoretically, you could still grab this half-cool, half-warm duvet for yourself and just use it throughout the seasons so you don’t have to have multiple comforters. Cover yourself with one side in winter and then flip ‘er over for summer. Multifunctional items for the win!
  4. It’s not even expensive, which is even better! You can grab your fancy new duvet at Aldi for £19.99. No word on whether or not this is available at US Aldi locations, but it’s worth having a look!
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