Aldi Is Selling Handbags That Hold An Entire Bottle Of Wine

Aldi Is Selling Handbags That Hold An Entire Bottle Of Wine Aldi

Wine is a delicious beverage that’s perfect for all occasions, but it’s not necessarily easy to drink it on the go. Bottles can be cumbersome, heavy, and dangerous—what if the glass breaks?—which is why Aldi’s new wine handbag is kind of the best invention ever.

  1. It holds a whole bottle of wine. However, you don’t need the bottle. Just dump the contents in the removable pouch, which then fits back in the bag, and you’re off. You can also reuse the pouch endless times, so it’s an environmentally friendly drinking option too.
  2. The pouch compartment is insulated. That means it will keep your drinks cooler for longer even if you happen to be in a hot room. No one wants to drink room-temperature drinks (unless it’s red wine, of course, in which case, do proceed).
  3. You can serve yourself right from the bag. Instead of having to lift out the pouch and pour into a cup every time you need a refill, the pouch has a spout that comes out of the bottom of the handbag, so you can dispense your wine quickly and easily. Genius – thanks Aldi!
  4. It’s not just for wine. You can put any beverage you’d like in it—mojitos, cosmopolitans, or even non-alcoholic drinks like juice or water. Yes, I know putting water in Aldi’s wine handbag seems somewhat offensive, but not everyone drinks and they shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun!
  5. There’s just one catch… Unfortunately, I do have to be the bearer of bad news here. Aldi has stores in many countries, but at the moment, it seems as if the wine handbag is an Aldi Australia offering and probably won’t be available outside of the country, at least not until warmer weather rolls around again. If you live Down Under, you’re in luck; otherwise, you’ll have to be patient and hope the store brings the products to its other international locations.
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