Aldi Is Selling Bottles Of Mango Margarita Wine To Get Your Weekend Started Right

Not long ago, I let y’all in on one of Aldi’s best-kept non-secrets: their flavored margarita wines. At the same, it was believed that the drink was available in strawberry and original flavors. Those are still on shelves, for sure, but now it’s come to light that they’re also selling a mango margarita wine that is basically like summer in a bottle.

  1. Yep, that’s right — you can drink it straight from the bottle. While you might want to chill it first or at least have plenty of ice on hand to cool it down, Aldi’s mango margarita wine is pre-mised and ready to go with minimal effort on your behalf. Thank goodness for Rancho La Gloria Wine Cocktails, right?
  2. It packs an impressive alcoholic punch. While many people prefer lighter, less boozy drinks in warmer weather (or just in general), I’m the opposite. Hit me up with a serious ABV punch, people! Aldi’s mango margarita wine, like the other flavors, has a solid 13.9% ABV so you’ll be feeling nice and tipsy in no time.
  3. It’s only $12.99 a bottle! You can pay more than that for a regular ol’ bottle of boring wine. This is a mango margarita and a wine in one and it’s about $13. Not only can you always count on Aldi for delicious products but you always get them at a bargain price too. I swear I love that place.
  4. Mango margarita wine is on Aldi shelves now. No need to wait for this to be released – it’s already out there. You may even have already seen it but passed it by without noticing. I recommend picking up a bottle of this and at least one each of the other flavors too. You don’t need to break social distancing protocols to have a party, after all (at least not in my book).
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