Aldi Is Selling A Bright Pink Watermelon Wine That’s As Pretty As It Is Delicious

As the summer gets closer and closer, so does my desire to do nothing but lounge in the sun all day long, preferably with a bottle of wine within arm’s reach so I can continue to sip until the sun goes down (and even after, to be honest). Aldi has been killing it with the seasonal alcohol offerings, from peach wine to mango Muscato, and the hits just keep on coming because now they’re selling bright pink watermelon wine too!

  1. It almost looks too pretty to drink! Such a vividly bright pink is amazing to look at and almost too beautiful to drink. I said almost! Pouring a glass or two of Aldi’s watermelon wine just sounds like a heavenly way to end a long day of working from home (or to enjoy a long afternoon on a day off).
  2. Why didn’t watermelon wine exist sooner? While Aldi is selling the deliciously fruity beverage, it’s actually made by Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine by Burlwood Cellars. They’re the same company that made the aforementioned peach wine which looks equally yummy. Frankly, the combo is such a natural one I’m shocked it took until 2020 for this to become a thing.
  3. People are loving this stuff. Frankly, there are plenty of people who love absolutely everything Aldi sells, so it’s not exactly a surprise that this watermelon wine has become such a hit. However, everyone who’s bought a bottle says it’s really yummy and totally worth the purchase. Who am I to argue with so many positive reviews?
  4. It’s so cheap! While prices are likely to vary depending on your Aldi location, most stores are selling this and the peach wine for around $3.49, which is disgustingly cheap in the best possible way. I love a bargain!
  5. Just FYI, they do a pineapple wine too. Just in case watermelon isn’t your thing (or, you know, you want to complete the trio).
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