Aldi Is Selling Bottles Of Red & White Spanish Sangria For Only $6

It can be fun to make your own cocktails at home, especially if you’re a bit of a kitchen queen or king, but sometimes you just want to hurry up and get your buzz on and you want something simple and delicious that does the job. Look no further than Aldi’s new Spanish sangria, bottles of which are available in both red and white.

  1. If you’ve never had Sangria, you’re missing out. It’s simple enough: combine a bunch of red (or white) wine with some freshly chopped fruit and let them sit together. Literally it’s that easy. There are plenty of variations on the theme, but the original traditional Spanish drink is perfect as-is, I think.
  2. The flavors here are super authentic. Since Aldi is importing their sangria directly from Spain, that means you’re getting the real deal rather than an American approximation of the famous drink. It’s also got a 7% ABV which isn’t too shabby either.
  3. You literally couldn’t get a better bargain. I mean, I know this is Aldi we’re talking about so good prices are pretty much to be expected. However, $5.99 for a huge bottle of sangria that’s ready to drink so long as you have a cup and some ice? Come on, that’s criminally good.
  4. It goes great with appetizers! According to the Aldi website, their sangrias pair well with tapas and other appetizers, so if you’re thinking of throwing a little (socially distanced) backyard party, make sure you pick up some sides to go with your drink while you’re there.
  5. Aldi is killing it with the alcohol lately. Lest we forget, before the sangria, Aldi already released a line of fruit-flavored wines that everyone has been going crazy for. Plus, don’t forget the bottled margaritas and the mango Moscato! Now we’re adding even more to the summer beverage mix? I’m so into it!
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