I Went To An All-Girls Sex Party & It Was Life-Changing

Having attended mixed-gender sex parties before, I was curious to see how one for women only would differ. I have limited experience with women as it is and I was partly daunted, partly thrilled at the thought of a room full of them open to some hedonism. Accepting the invitation ended up being an excellent choice.

  1. It was small and intimate. Held in someone’s living room, this sex party was incredibly cozy. There were only about 20 women there, making it a very safe and intimate environment. It seemed almost like a normal party except that most of the guests were in lingerie. That’s definitely my kind of party.
  2. It was less threatening than a mixed group. As much as I lament the fact, it’s true that I feel much less threatened by women than men when it comes to sex. Having an all-girls sex party was an entirely different experience to the mixed-gender sex parties I’ve attended. It was very relaxed and comfortable and I found it much easier to let my guard down.
  3. There was no expectation. Whether I decided to get involved or not was entirely up to me and I never felt any pressure to do anything. Most of the night I spent just talking, cuddling or caressing and it was fine to leave it at that. It was a really relaxed approach to what can be a nerve-wracking experience and it made it all that much more enjoyable knowing I could choose my own level of involvement once I got there. Going to a sex party didn’t necessarily mean I had to have sex.
  4. There were lots of bi-curious women there. Many women there were inexperienced in having sex with other women. In fact, only one or two women in attendance identified as lesbians; the rest of us were bisexual or bicurious and it made for an interesting atmosphere. It was a mix between shy and excited, with a lot of electric energy running through the air, especially from those less experienced guests.
  5. It directly addressed the difficulty of approaching women. The hostess of the party created the event specifically to overcome the barrier that many inexperienced women have with each other: how to make the switch from an affectionate friendship to a sexual relationship. Creating a space with the explicit purpose of bringing together women who like women allowed the inhibitions to drop and to make exploring sexuality together more accessible.
  6. I felt totally safe. Being in that space, especially as I knew many of the women in there, I felt very secure. Everyone was open, welcoming and friendly and it was easy to strike up a conversation, even with those I hadn’t met before. There was food to keep us busy when we weren’t busy, and though there was an undertone of flirting to many of the conversations I had, it always felt light and easy. There was great care taken to emphasize consent and communication and the whole night ran very smoothly as a result.
  7. It was like a sisterhood of sorts. One of the interesting things I find in my dynamics with other women is that, even when I’m sleeping with someone, there’s an element of sisterhood in the mix. It felt the same here except on a broader scale. I was surrounded by women having sex, kissing and touching each other, and there was nevertheless a feeling of some secret society of women. It made for a fun clandestine atmosphere of girls getting up to no good when they’re alone together.
  8. Kissing was a staple of the evening. Much more than anything else, the party consisted of a lot of making out by the light of dimmed lamps. Every corner had some couple (or more) exploring each other by way of kissing and it made for an incredibly sensual evening. Taking it slow was very much the pace of the party.
  9. We played games to break the ice. Rather than rushing right into it, the hostess started off the party with a series of connection games to break the ice. We started with eye-gazing, then soft caressing, then expressing desires before opening up the space for free play. It was a great way to ease into the debauchery of the evening and help us all get to know each other in a guided setting.
  10. There was even a workshop on squirting. Of course there was. The hostess had been exploring squirting while masturbating and wanted to share her results with the rest of us. While there was no live demonstration, there was a detailed step-by-step guide in case any of the rest of us were curious to try it ourselves. The things you learn at an all-girls sex party…
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