All The Places You Should Be Kissing Your Guy Besides His Lips: Where To Focus Your Energy

You’ve probably kissed enough guys by now to feel like you know what you’re doing. I’m not saying you don’t! However, I am saying that there are some ways you can up your makeout game and bring something totally unexpected and mind-blowingly hot to the table. Here’s where to kiss a guy other than on his lips to get him hot and bothered. You never know, things might get pretty sexy pretty quickly.

His neck If you’ve ever been kissed on the neck, you know how good it feels. It’s sensual, soft, and your guy will like it, trust me. Obviously you should make sure not to attach yourself like a succubus and leave him with hickeys since you’re not 15 anymore, but that goes without saying. Plant little kisses and run your tongue along his neck and watch him go crazy.

His earlobes Ears are an erogenous zone, meaning this will go down a real treat. If you kiss your guy here, you’re going to drive him wild because the ears have a huge amount of sensory receptors that light up when they’re touched. The outer ridge of the ear where the stronger cartilage is can be a great focus area.

His fingers It might seem weird to kiss a guy on the fingertips, and you certainly shouldn’t spend hours doing this or something. However, if you’re working your mouth around his body, stop on his fingertips a bit and touch your lips to each of them slowly, one by one. He’ll love how soft and sexy it is and the intimacy this move inspires.

His stomach When you kiss a guy’s stomach, he’s obviously going to be into it because it means your mouth is getting closer to the goods, so to speak. Maybe you’re actually heading down there anyway, in which case this is a great pitstop to make. He’s going to love it.

His feet Okay, I know this is gross to a lot of people so if you’re not all that adventurous (or your guy has really gross feet), feel free to skip this one. However, if his hygiene is on point and you want to try something new, kiss his feet as you work your way up his legs. He’ll be squirming in no time.

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