Alpaca Your Bags For A Trip To This Airbnb At A Working Alpaca Ranch

One of the coolest parts of visiting a new city is getting to stay at an Airbnb and live like the locals do. While there are definitely some unconventional offerings out there, staying at a working alpaca ranch is a whole new level of awesome.

It’s called Capaldi Ranch and you can stay there all year ’round.

Capaldi Ranch is located in Paso Robles, California and offers up private rooms that sleep two and overlook the farm’s spacious lands.

There are plenty of alpacas but other animals too.

The farm isn’t just home to alpacas, though there are loads of those. You can also see horses, chickens, cats, and dogs, and you can feed all the animals while you stay there. It doesn’t get more awesome than that.

You’re smack dab in the middle of wine country.

Paso Robles is known for its wine and the ranch is located close to the downtown area, which has loads of restaurants and yes, wineries. Not only do you get to hang out with cute, fluffy animals, you can get your drink on too! Talk about perfect.

The scenery can’t be beat.

Capaldi Ranch is surrounded by gorgeous hills and fields, meaning you can take in some wonderful fresh air and beautiful sites, making you feel like you’re truly on vacation. Add in the four-legged friends wandering around and you have the perfect recipe for relaxation.

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