Are You An Alpha Female? 10 Signs You’re A Total Badass

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re an alpha female. You’re strong, independent, and not afraid to go against the grain. Still, if you’re not sure where you fall on the badass spectrum, here are 10 ways to know you’re bossing life in all the best ways:

  1. You’re magnetic AF. You’re not someone who needs all the attention on yourself all the time — it just happens naturally. People are drawn to you like a moth to a flame, and for good reason: the heat and vibes you give off make everyone in the room stop and stare. Who wouldn’t be drawn to someone with that kind of fire inside of them?
  2. You know what you want and nothing is going to stop you. Again, this could be looked at both ways. It could be seen as a petulant show of stubbornness and entitlement, but that’s definitely not the case here. Hell no — that’s just not your style. You’re strong, motivated and you know what you want. You go out and you get the damn thing done.
  3. Beyoncé totally wrote “Independent Woman” about you. No, but seriously — you’re totally fine with being alone. In fact, you welcome it for the most part because you can get more done on your own, conquer harder and push boundaries that you might not otherwise be able to if you were surrounded by boyfriends, girlfriends or family. You buy your own diamonds and your own rings. Talk about bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan. That’s all you.
  4. You’re well-rounded and you — and everyone else — knows it. Are you, like, the female MacGuyver of your girl group? Do your friends call you when the plumbing’s all jammed up before checking in with their local repairman? What about finances? Can someone call you when they need help moving money around in their mutual funds? You’re a Jill of All Trades, and that’s another reason people are so drawn to you. You have a reputation of getting the job done and not worrying about getting your hands dirty while you do it.
  5. You learn some of your best moves on your feet. Like it was noted in the last paragraph, you get the job done and don’t worry about pushing up your sleeves too far — but if it’s something that’s on the fringe of your knowledge or capabilities, you don’t let that deter you. In fact, it inspires you to go further, push harder and figure out just what needs to be done to seal the deal. Or the toilet. Wax rings for the win, y’all.
  6. You won’t be stifled. You’ve got a voice and everyone’s going to hear what you have to say whether they like it or not. The difference between you and a lot of other jackasses out there peddling their all-important wisdom is that you can discern whether or not what you’re saying is true. You also have more eloquence in the way that you speak to people, even if what you have to say isn’t the best news. You could probably talk a dog off a meat wagon. Those are mad people skills.
  7. You’re the common denominator of all of your friends. You’re friends with Nicole who became good friends with Kristin because they were introduced by you. Now the three of you are inseparable. Then you met Amanda at work and thought that she’d be a great addition to the group, so you threw her into the mix, too. Amanda and Kristin hit it off immediately, and even hang out outside events you cultivate. See your power? You just get it.
  8. You’re absolutely not afraid to admit when you’re wrong. You know it happens — of course it happens. We’re not perfect and shouldn’t be expected to fit that mold. When you’re wrong, you own up to it and make amends however you can. If that doesn’t scream strength through resilience, what even does?
  9. You’re not afraid to walk when someone isn’t treating you their best. You know inside and out whether or not a partner is giving you the shaft on the sly, but you don’t play that game. You’d much rather be alone than have to deal with the dramatics of a partner who just doesn’t possess the high emotional intelligence that you definitely have, and you’re not afraid of walking away from situations that don’t behoove either one of you.
  10. The word ‘intimidation’ isn’t even in your vocabulary. People might be intimidated by you, though you aren’t even going for that, yet nobody but nobody is intimidating to you. People are people, and we’re all the same  —why would money, status, power throw you the least bit? You know deep down inside (and even way up on the surface) that you’re just as good as anyone else, and nothing is going to psych you out.