I’ll Always Pick My BFFs — Girls’ Night In Is Way Better Than Date Night Out

Dating can be incredibly stressful. There’s way too much pressure to make a good first impression, and sometimes you can’t even be yourself. On girls’ night, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense — you just show up and have fun, no strings attached. It’s better to stay in with your BFFs than take your chances out there. Need more proof?

  1. You don’t have to second-guess every little thing. There are all these rules and expectations and games that get played in dating. If you have a great first date with someone, do you go home with them? Do you initiate a second date? Do you act like you don’t care and wait for them to make the next move? Just stay in with your girls instead and avoid all of this.
  2. It’s usually WAY more fun. Girls’ nights tend to be full of fun, laughter, and lots of awesome snacks. You can be silly and talk about things that guys would cringe at. Date nights can make you a nervous wreck, and let’s face it, not all dates are good. Staying in with your girls takes the stress out of the equation and you can just chill out and be your crazy selves.
  3. You can actually relax. Going out may be fun, but it takes a lot out of you. Staying in is a great way to relax and recharge. Doing it with your squad makes it even better. You can paint your nails, do face masks, read your horoscopes, watch cheesy rom-coms, or whatever other basic girly things you enjoy. Every girl needs a night like this a few times a year (or month).
  4. It’s entertaining and usually full of drama. Girls’ nights equal drama, and who doesn’t love that? Whether it’s happening right there between a few of your friends or gossip about the latest pettiness elsewhere, it’s always fun. If you can’t find any drama in your group, there’s always the Kardashians.
  5. You can bond with your friends, and that’s incredibly important. Every girl needs a tribe or at least one close female friend in their life. Having someone to vent to and share your stories with will help keep you sane. In the world of modern dating, it’s great to know that you have someone on your side who gets it (and who gets you in general). Having a group of girlfriends is empowering — it lets you know you’re not alone and someone will always have your back.
  6. Pizza. If you don’t have pizza at your girls’ night, you’re doing it wrong. This is so much better than being on a date and having to worry about what you’re eating or getting sauce on your face or spinach in your teeth. No salads on this night in. You might as well end it with some ice cream, too — you can count it as your cheat day.
  7. You can let your freak flag fly. You can say whatever you want and do whatever you want. Put your manners aside and save them for your next date. You can truly be yourself on girls’ night in… as long as there’s no photographic evidence.
  8. You can wear yoga pants. It’s all about being comfortable. You don’t need to dress up or do your hair and makeup to hang with your girls. You’re not trying to impress anyone here — you don’t even have to wear a bra. The dress code is casual AF and that’s amazing.
  9. You can bitch about the guys you’ve been seeing (or not seeing). Dating sucks, and so do lots of guys. What better way to spend a Saturday night than by complaining about all the losers and crappy dates you’ve been on recently? Either your girls are in the same boat, or they’re already in relationships. In that case, you can get inspired by the fact that true love exists and your soulmate is out there somewhere.
  10. It takes you back to your high school days. When I think of girls’ night, I think about high school and gathering with my girls and playing silly games and prank calling the boys we had crushes on. This is the perfect opportunity to break out your detective skills and do some social media investigating. Pillow fight, anyone?
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