I ALWAYS Want Sex, And It’s A Problem

Anyone who tells you that men are the only ones with extremely high sex drives is feeding you a whole lot of garbage. Trust and believe that some women love sex just as much, if not more, than a lot of guys do and our struggles run deep.

  1. You’re Thought Of As Promiscuous Rather Than Open-Minded. Being able to embrace your sexuality and the fact that you love and enjoy sex is a beautiful thing, but it’s still undoubtedly hard to get away from those who claim that a woman who loves sex is also a woman who’s promiscuous. You might find yourself trying to dispel this at first, but gradually it’ll become mixed in with all of the other struggles that come from being a woman who’s totally embraced her sexual side.
  2. You’re Turned On Almost Too Easily. Being turned on by Fifty Shades of Grey is one thing, but having to shift in your seat when there’s a sex scene on Game of Thrones or The Vampire Diaries is what a lot of women who crave a lot of sex go through. There’s nothing wrong with it by any means, but it’s also kind of hard to deal with being constantly raring to go like a pubescent teenage boy.
  3. You Really Feel It When Your Partner Isn’t In The Mood. Sometimes the challenge of getting your partner turned on is fun and even exciting; other times, their lack of enthusiasm can be disheartening. This is because your own craving for sex has surpassed theirs, not because they aren’t interested in you. Still, it’s hard not to feel the blow of rejection.
  4. Sometimes It Feels Like You’re Always The One Initiating Sex. Just like the whole rejection feeling, being the one in your relationship who wants sex more often will likely mean you’re the one initiating it more often than not. Some couples find the time for sex once or twice a week and that works for them, but the struggle is real for women who want it more often than that but have partners who aren’t on the same level.
  5. People Mistake Your Love Of Sex For A Sex Addiction. Having a sex addiction means that if you can’t get it, you almost can’t function, but this isn’t that. In fact, it’s likely that if you can’t get sex with your partner, you’ll be fine pleasuring yourself. There’s a massive difference, that’s for sure.
  6. You Feel Immature Doing Something As Simple As Making Out. Okay, so one of the purposes of a good old makeout sesh might be getting you in the mood to move on to the next base, but when you’re highly sexed, making out can also turn you on — and that can make you feel like you never quite left freshman year of high school.
  7. Keeping A Tally On Your Weekly Sex Is Exhausting. If you love sex, you’ll likely keep a tally of your weekly sex sessions, and if that number falls below what you deem as average or normal for your relationship, it starts to weigh on you. Keeping track of the amount of sex you have in a given week is exhausting as hell but you just can’t help yourself.
  8. You Feel Like Talking Openly About It Is A No-No. Some friends might consider your sex talk bragging, while others just aren’t into hearing the details of your urges. Both are totally acceptable reactions, but when sex is important to you, not being able to talk about it makes you feel self-conscious and like you may be a little weird or something. (Don’t worry, you’re not.)
  9. You Often Need To Get Friendly With A Good Vibrator. Even if you’re in a relationship or regularly dating, the need for sex or that sexual gratification can come at any time really. Having a good sex toy on hand is a plus, but it’s not like the real thing so sometimes it’s harder to be satisfied.
  10. You’ve Googled What A Normal Sex Drive Is Too Many Times. Honestly, knowing what’s “normal” or “average” really isn’t important if you feel like you’re emotionally healthy and sexually gratified. Sometimes, the struggles of being a woman who always craves sex can be too much, but at the end of the day, owning your sexuality is a beautiful thing.