Am I Annoying Him? 9 Signs You’re Getting On His Nerves

Are you annoying the guy in your life or is he just going through a weird phase? It can be hard to figure out if his mood around you is something that you have control over or if there are external forces at work. He could just be stressed about something you have nothing to do with, like family or work. That being said, it’s possible that you’re getting on his nerves and he just doesn’t know how to tell you. If you notice these signs, it’s not good news.

  1. He doesn’t call you back. He never takes the initiative to call you first to make plans or see how your day is. Then, when you do call him, he doesn’t call you back a lot of the time. If often takes several phone calls before he’ll pick up or get in touch to see what you want. When he does, he doesn’t sound very happy about it.
  2. He doesn’t text you. There may have been a time early in your relationship that he would text you morning, noon, and night. He didn’t need a reason to message you – he did it because was thinking about you. That was enough of a reason. Now, he never texts. And if you text him, it could take days before he responds. He’s trying not to engage with you.
  3. He makes plans with other people. When you try to get together with him, he always seems to have plans with other people. It’s not people you know and it’s not things you could be included in either. He has plans with his workmates to talk about a project. He makes plans with friends from out of town. He’s become a very busy person lately.
  4. He cancels dates. When you do manage to get him to answer your phone calls or texts and he agrees to make plans with you, he often cancels them before they ever come to fruition. A work emergency comes up or he gets the stomach flu – there’s always some excuse.
  5. He doesn’t listen when you’re talking. When you finally do get together with him, you have a lot to tell him but he’s not really listening. He’s doing something on his phone or he’s just plain not paying attention. You have to repeat yourself often or he responds with a remark that is totally irrelevant to what you’ve been saying. When he says, “That’s great,” after you just told him how your family dog died, you know he hasn’t heard a thing you’ve said.
  6. He’s fidgety. When you’re together, he always has something to fidget with. He might be tapping the pen on the table or his leg is bouncing up and down. He looks at his phone 50 times. He’s fidgeting because he’s just putting in enough time before he can get out. The more you get on his nerves, the more fidgety he is.
  7. He gets very busy at work. All of a sudden, he’s involved in half a dozen new projects that all require a lot of time outside work hours. He starts working overtime because he says he needs the money. There’s a new opening in the office and he’s trying to get a promotion. There are many reasons he can come up with to suddenly have a very busy work schedule.
  8. He only plans to do things with you when other people are involved. You’ve finally gotten him to agree to a date. Yay! But he’s made sure that there will be little time for you to annoy him because your date involves several other people. It’s a double date with his best friend or a dinner party at a co-worker’s house. He might take you somewhere loud and busy, like a county fair or a concert or a sporting event. The common factor is that there’s not much opportunity for conversation so you’re less likely to get on his nerves.
  9. His body language shows his annoyance. You start to notice how much he rolls his eyes. When you sit together, his legs are crossed away from you or his arms are crossed over his chest. He sighs a lot. He interrupts you. He couldn’t be more obvious that he’s not feeling it.

If he is doing several of these things, there’s a good chance that he’s annoyed when he’s around you. What can you do about it? Talk to him. Find out what is getting on his nerves so much. If it’s something small, you might be able to fix it. Chances are though, it’s something that’s just part of who you are and you may have to come to terms with he fact that the relationship is over.

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.