Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Worrying So Much About Your Relationship

Relationship anxiety is a very real struggle for many of us and it can feel impossible to overcome. If you’ve been screwed over in past relationships or had your heart broken by someone you cared about, it makes sense that you’d stress that the same thing might happen with your current partner. However, these feelings don’t have to rule your head and heart anymore. If you decide to stop worrying about your relationship so much, you’ll notice these incredible benefits.

You can live in the moment.

It’s true that you don’t know what’s going to happen a few years or even a few months down the road. Will your partner cheat on you? Will they decide they don’t love you anymore or vice versa? Will your connection simply fizzle out? It’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety about what might happen in the future, but when you stop worrying about your relationship so much, you’re able to experience it right now for exactly what it is: a wonderful, loving connection you’ve formed with another human being. Don’t miss out on that.

You experience the joys of being in love.

In somewhat of the same vein, when you spend so much time worrying about your relationship, you don’t truly relish that rare, butterfly-inducing love that comes along only a few times in our lives (if we’re lucky). Stop thinking about what might go wrong and start focusing on how your partner makes you feel and how you’re so head over heels for them that you almost don’t feel like you’re on this planet. It’s heady, passionate, and really incredible.

You avoid unnecessary drama.

It goes without saying that if you’re constantly stressing about things, you and your partner are going to get into unnecessary arguments and maybe even full-blown fights. That kind of worrying makes you paranoid and can lead you to find issues where none actually exist. In other words, you could actually manifest all the things you’re fixating on simply because you refuse to let them go, and that would be a shame.

You see your relationship’s real potential.

When you actually learn to live in the moment in your relationship instead of focusing on all the “what if?”s, you can see your relationship through a new lens. You see how well you and your partner gel as a couple and what your long-term potential might be. This could give you clarity that helps you avoid the things you were worrying about in the first place by either showing you that you work really well together or helping you realize that it’s just not meant to be.

You let your partner see the best version of yourself.

You’re not exactly going to be a great girlfriend if you’re spending all of your time freaking out about things that aren’t even there. When you stop worrying so much, you get to show your partner all of those incredible qualities that made them fall in love with you in the first place, and isn’t that what we all want?

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