Amazon Is Selling An Inflatable Patio Dock That Holds 10 People For Ultimate Summer Chillin’

Whether you’re renting a lake house this summer or going out on a friend’s boat, it’s nice to think you can stop and enjoy some sunshine on the water on a floating dock. Thankfully, if there’s not one already installed on the body of water you find yourself exploring this summer, Amazon is selling an inflatable patio dock* that holds up to 10 people for ultimate relaxation.

  1. Docks aren’t cheap. This probably isn’t something you’ve ever thought about, and I don’t blame you – I hadn’t either. However, estimates that the average dock installation is nearly $15,000. Is it any wonder, then, that buying an inflatable, portable version is the more economical option? The Island Hopper Patio Dock will run you about $1,400, which is quite a difference!
  2. You can enjoy this dock with up to nine other people. Because the weight maximum for this puppy is 2,000 pounds, you can fit about 10 people on it, potentially more if some of those people are kids. When inflated, the dock measures 15′ x 6′ x 6″ and is technically an extension to put on a pontoon or sports boat.
  3. Sadly, this patio dock can’t exist on its own. You can’t just blow this puppy up and throw it on the water and climb on. Island Hopper’s patio dock is specifically designed to attach to a larger watercraft, so don’t buy this if you don’t have one! If you do, then carry on! It’s nonslip, so you can climb on and off easily once it’s anchored. More than anything, it’s a great place to do some sunbathing.
  4. If this sounds like something you need this summer, get your order in early! Not only do you get the dock itself, but all the accessories you need to successfully anchor it as well as an electric pump to get your dock up and running quickly. Order yours on Amazon HERE.

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