Amazon Is Selling The World’s Biggest Backyard Water Slide For The Best Summer Ever

Summer is finally here, and while beach trips and hitting up that one friend’s backyard pool are great, what if you want to throw your own party at home and make it fun AND unique? Well, now you can because Amazon is literally selling the world’s largest waterslide.

  1. This thing is 75 feet long. That means you’ll have to have a pretty big backyard to fit it in, unfortunately, but if you happen to live by any open field/grassy area, you can set this up there without much of an issue. Having a 75-foot water slide means you’re basically opening an amusement park at home, and that’s pretty awesome.
  2. It’s also wide enough to fit multiple people at once. You can race your friends by going down at the same time since the world’s largest water slide isn’t just long, it’s 12 feet wide too.
  3. It’s made of sturdy material so it should last for years to come. The Wahii water slide is apparently made from UV-protected plastic, so it won’t fade in the summer and it won’t rip easily. In other words, this thing is about to become your new summer BFF for the next decade (or longer).
  4. All you need is a sprinkler and a hill or area of sloped grass. You don’t have to hook up a hose to this thing or have any fancy equipment. A sprinkler to ensure the entire slide is wet will work just fine. You’ll get way more velocity if you put this on even a slight downhill incline (bonus points if you have a steep hill, but be careful). Apparently a little baby shampoo goes a long way too.
  5. For $140, it’s a lot cheaper than multiple admissions to a water park. Not only that but it’s in the comfort of your own home, so you can put on the barbeque, invite over all your friends, and throw an amazing party without even having to go anywhere or battle crowds of annoying people. I know what I’m about to buy.

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