America’s Highest-Paid Sex Worker Suing State Of Nevada For Shutting Down Brothels During Pandemic

A legal sex worker who makes nearly $1 million a year has filed a lawsuit against the state of Nevada after they shut brothels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alice Little is known as America’s highest-paid sex worker is asking the state’s governor Steve Sisolak to get the ball rolling again so she can start raking in the cash, as lockdown has cost her 75% of her income in 2020 and she’s eager to get back to work.

  1. Brothels are one thing that didn’t reopen in May 2020. When Nevada went into Phase 2 of their pandemic response in 2020 and some businesses were permitted to reopen, brothels weren’t one of them. Because they’re considered a “close contact” establishment and the novel coronavirus spreads in these environments, it kind of makes sense. However, Little thinks it’s unfair, saying, “The governor’s decision to keep brothels closed is just blatant discrimination against Nevada’s legal sex workers.”
  2. You can see why Little is angry. Working at Moonlite BunnyRanch, Little is said to have been pulling in nearly $1 million a year from clients, an amount that was slashed by more than three quarters when the establishment closed its doors back in March 2020. However, assuming she’s still making around $250k a year, you can’t exactly say she’s been subject to poverty…
  3. Little is sick of sex workers missing out. Not only are plenty of workers in her industry suffering, but while Nevada is the only state to make prostitution and sex work legal, those who work in it haven’t been eligible for any kind of government help to alleviate the lack of wages over this period. In other words, she’s doing this for the little guys.
  4. She even took to GoFundMe to raise cash for the lawsuit. Little was hoping to raise $50k to pay some high-powered lawyers to bring this case to the courts and hopefully get the brothels reopened. “Nevada’s governor has unfairly kept the legal brothels closed while allowing other high-contact businesses, such as massage parlors, spas, and salons, to reopen,” she wrote on the fundraising site. She also argues that sex workers should be able to “ply their legal trade” in private homes should brothels be closed.
  5. It’s just not a priority for the government. As Governor Sisolak told the Nevada Independent a few days before Little filed her lawsuit, “Certainly we’re going to have to look at getting kids back into schools before we look at getting folks back into brothels. We’ll be addressing it sometime, certainly, but it’s not in the immediate future.”

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