Amy Adams Will Return As Giselle For ‘Enchanted’ Sequel, Disney Announces Walt Disney Pictures

Amy Adams Will Return As Giselle For ‘Enchanted’ Sequel, Disney Announces

Disney’s annual Investor Day was full of some pretty big news for 2021, that’s for sure. In addition to confirming that Sister Act 3 and Hocus Pocus 2 are on the way, they also dropped another massive gift in our laps in the form of an Enchanted sequel. The follow-up, called Disenchanted, isn’t just happening, it’s also bringing back Amy Adams as Giselle. Seriously, could this get any better?

It’s another Adam Shankman movie, people. If you don’t remember Shankman by name, he did Hairspray and is also handling the Hocus Pocus sequel, so we know the Enchanted sequel is in good hands here. We also know that Shankman is going to be very exhausted because he seems to have a ton of work on his hands!

This has been in development for a very long time. I’m about to make you feel very old by reminding you that Enchanted came out in 2007. Yes, an entire 13 years ago. Talks of a sequel first came about in 2011, then again in 2016, but it wasn’t until now, at the very end of 2020, that we actually got confirmation of the project. It’s been a long, hard road!

No word on what Disenchanted will be about. It’s hard to imagine what the storyline will be of the Enchanted sequel. Perhaps Giselle didn’t have too happy of an ending after all and now she’s looking for her Prince Charming again? Who can say? Whatever it’s about, I’ll be watching!

It’s still unclear whether Patrick Dempsey will be back. While Adams was confirmed to return for the new movie, it wasn’t mentioned whether Dempsey would follow suit (or if he’d even been asked, depending on the story they’re planning). Fingers crossed, though!

It’ll probably be a while before Disenchanted hits our screens. No word on release date for this, but given how long we’ve been waiting for an Enchanted sequel, I think we have a few more months in us, right?

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