Angry Boyfriend Pleads Guilty To Smashing His Truck Through Ex-Girlfriend’s House

A furious truck driver pleaded guilty after smashing his semi truck into his ex-girlfriend’s house. Derek Wellington was drunk when he rammed the vehicle into Sara Cassidy’s house after she refused to meet up with him. Unsurprisingly, he was arrested soon after.

  1. Wellington was already on bail at the time of the incident. The 34-year-old Scottish man had been ordered not to go near Cassidy after leaving her in hospital due to an attack the month before. However, he decided to ignore those conditions and went after her when she understandably declined his invite to meet up.
  2. Cassidy warned him to stay away. On the day of the incident, Wellington is said to have called Cassidy multiple times. Prosecutor Lisa Gillespie QC told Glasgow High Court: “During these calls, he stated he was going to come round and smash or ram his lorry into her home. He said he was ‘going to park his lorry’ in her living room. She told him under no circumstances was he to come to the house because there were children there. He stated he was coming round any way.” Later that day, she was “terrified” after seeing his truck heading towards her home. “As she did, she heard a loud banging noise and windows smashing,” Gillespie said. “Wellington then drove past her again away from the street.
  3. He made good on his threats. When Cassidy refused to see him, Wellington screamed at her on the phone: “I am going to park my lorry in your living room.” That’s exactly what he ended up doing, repeatedly reversing his semi truck into her home, causing irreparable damage to both Cassidy’s house and her neighbors.
  4. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the horrific ordeal. A friend of Cassidy’s and two kids who were inside the house at the time managed to get away. However, the houses themselves had to be demolished.
  5. Wellington attempted to go on the run. He left the track in a supermarket parking lot with his wallet inside. It didn’t take long for officers to identify him, locate him, and arrest him.
  6. He’s now pleaded guilty to a number of charges. He copped to culpable and reckless conduct to the danger of lives, assault, breaching bail, threatening behavior, and spitting at a police officer. He’s due to be sentenced on July 27.
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