Angry Mom ‘Attacks Teacher In Angry Rampage After School Ignored Bullying Complaints’

Angry Mom ‘Attacks Teacher In Angry Rampage After School Ignored Bullying Complaints’ Cranborne Middle School

An angry mom went on a rampage at her child’s school after she claims they ignored her repeated complaints about bullying. Charlene Wicks, 34, felt “fobbed off” after she says the school did nothing upon hearing that her daughter was experiencing relentless bullying from another student there, leading her to assault the assistant head teacher, The Mirror reports.

  1. The kids were in classes when Wicks went stomping down the school halls. According to reports, she swore out loud and shouted as she looked for the teacher she wanted to speak to at Cranborne Middle School in Dorset.
  2. Head assistant Rebecca Cain blocked Wicks’ entrance to one of the classrooms. That’s when things took a violent turn, with Wicks shoving her Cain out of the way to charge through. She was then stopped by Nicola Jennings, only for Wicks to shout “who the f*** are you?” at her in front of the students.
  3. Two other members of staff then had to step in. They stepped in to protect Jennings, who felt shaken and scared as a result of the incident. Police were soon called, and Wicks left the building before they arrived. However, even after it was over, Cain broke down in tears when telling authorities what had happened.
  4. Wicks told the court that she simply wanted to talk. She felt that calling about the bullying complaints was getting her nowhere, so she decided to head down in person so she could speak to Jennings “face-to-face” about the issue. However, staff in the main office told Wicks that the teacher was unavailable, which then prompted her to go raging through the halls. As prosecutor Richard Oakley said, “As the defendant approached the music room she (Miss Cain) stood in front of the door trying to stop her from going in. She assaulted her by pushing on her arms to try to get her out of the way. She was very aggressive, shouting, and her body language was aggressive. Two members of staff physically had to put themselves between Miss Jennings and the defendant. She followed Miss Jennings into the corridor swearing ‘I don’t f***ing care, who the f*** are you?’ and so on.”
  5. She’s admitted what she’s done, at least. Wicks pleaded guilty to assaulting Cain and using threatening or abusive language towards Jennings. While Wicks was previously banned from the school for several weeks following the incident, her sentencing at court isn’t due to take place until December.
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