The Annoying Ways A Woman’s Mind Works & Why Men Absolutely Hate It

Let’s be honest here: women are complicated. We just don’t make things easy for guys to understand. But even we have to admit sometimes that how we think can get pretty annoying, not to mention a little bit crazy… While men can appreciate the fact that women are complex and not necessarily as easy to understand as they are, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t frustrate them to try and figure out where we’re coming from at times. After all, even we know we can get caught up in our own thoughts sometimes, so imagine what it’s like for them!

1. We get mad when they get mad. As bad as it sounds, it’s true. Usually, we’re the ones getting mad, but on those few occasions when they slip, we know we always end up getting mad back at them, and usually for reasons we can’t even put into words. Why do we do it? Who knows, but it’s probably their fault.

Why men hate it: It’s just crazy. Where else in the world would it be possible for you to get away with being mad at someone solely because they’re angry first?

2. We get mad for no reason. Or at least for no good reason. This goes along with the first point, because being mad just because he’s mad is not a real reason either. Think about it. Is him not doing the dishes so bad that he deserves to be yelled at for an hour? Okay, when this happens it’s usually because of something else like his laziness or overall lack of ever wanting to help out, but we like to focus on the dishes specifically, and that’s simply not really a great reason to destroy an otherwise perfectly nice day.

Why men hate it: We’re always complaining about something. We can never just be happy and serene, like they are when you plop them in front of a TV with a beer or hand them the PlayStation controller.

3. We tend to overthink absolutely everything. Details are simply important to us, and we tend to read way too far into everything. It ends up being unhealthy and leads to obsessions. We can’t just go with the flow and see what happens; we have to agonize over every single detail and meticulously plan for the worse.

Why men hate it: They could really care less about half the stuff we care too much about, so they just see us as being irrational and obsessive. Also, they’re the ones who have to comfort us when we inevitably end up psyching ourselves out for no reason.

4. We like to talk. Our affinity for talking makes us social, and that means we end up dragging our man with us to all kinds of events. Dinner parties, brunches, family gatherings, pretty much anywhere where he’ll be forced to do more than just grunt and sit in a corner. To be honest, we do talk an awful lot, but we wouldn’t have to repeat ourselves and talk so much to them if they just paid attention in the first place, right?

Why men hate it: They don’t like to talk. They’d rather scroll through their feed than have a conversation, but they’ll deal, because they love you.

5. We don’t say what we want. This probably tops most men’s lists when it comes to annoying behavior they just don’t understand. For some reason, we’re just afraid of speaking our mind sometimes. We can get by blaming it on our looking out for others’ opinions and not wanting to seem demanding or needy, but all that really happens is we stress our man out and then get mad at him later on for not being able to guess what we were thinking.

Why men hate it: They can’t read minds. They can’t for their lives read our minds. Did I mention they can’t read minds?

6. We remember EVERYTHING. If they’ve ever messed up before, we can guarantee we’ll remember it and bring it up whenever we see fit. We just can’t let things go and this makes it very easy for us to hold grudges.

Why men hate it: There’s just no escape for them. You will always remember your anniversary, so when they forget, there’s no hope that you will also forget. Sucks for them.

7. We can be total bummers. Whenever they come to us with a “great idea,” we usually shoot them down. It’s just that most of the time their ideas and opinions are stupid, wrong, or disgusting, and there’s no way they can convince us otherwise. Sometimes though, they do surprise us with really sweet or cute ideas.

Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.