There Are Apparently 9 Types Of Boobs In The World—Which Ones Do You Have?

Not all kinds of boobs are created equal, though all are created equally lovely. Sure, there are sizes of boobs, but it doesn’t end there. A company called Third Love funneled money into research on what types of boobs there are. They realized that bra designs were too one-size-fits-all, so they wanted to identify the types. They found that there are nine kinds: round, east-west, side set, slender, relaxed, asymmetric, athletic, bell shape, and teardrop. Which one do you have?

  1. Round Have almost perfect spheres for a chest? Then this may be you. Boobs of this type are equally full at the top and bottom. Sometimes they’re surgically enhanced, but definitely not always. This shape is generally the most sought after, though it isn’t to say they’re the most common. When looking for a bra type, most bras on the market fit this kind. However, balconette bras are recommended by Third Love because they’ll fill the cup nicely and provide a natural cleavage.
  2. East-west In this case, the nipples are pointing outward in opposite directions. Or, even if your nipples themselves don’t necessarily point right to the sides, the general directions of your boobs are out to the sides. Push-up bras are what is suggested for this type of boob to gather them up closer to the front of the body, then they’ll flatter your natural shape. Here’s a fun fact: Bettie Page was said to have these kind of boobs.
  3. Side set Side set boobs are characterized by having a wide space between them. With these boobs, the nipple points a little more forward than with east west. Front closure styles of bras are the best for this type because the bigger gap between breasts is disguised by the more fabric found above the cups. They also bring the breasts inward, toward the center of your chest.
  4. Slender For this type, the boobs are thin and the nipples are pointing downward. Slender boobs tend to be slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom, and longer than they are wide. A good way to know if this may be your type is if you have a relatively smaller cup size. The plunge styles are the best kind of bra for this type because it helps bring the boobs together to form a cleavage. Just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean they can’t be brought together to be shown off!
  5. Relaxed These types of boobs are characterized by having lax tissue and nipples pointing downward. To provide lift racerback, push-up, or a t-shirt bra are recommended. Smaller cup sizes can use bras without wiring or lifting.
  6. Asymmetric Asymmetric is also known as different sized boobs. One boob is larger than the other. It’s actually quite common for this to be the case in women. Most women have asymmetry to one degree or another. The significance of these types of boobs as a categorization is that the size difference is big. The best bras for these type of boobs are any with removable pads so that the smaller boob can have extra padding.
  7. Athletic Don’t worry, you don’t have to have worked up a sweat to own these boobs. Though they are characterized as being wider more muscular boobs with less tissue. These are generally found in women who work their pectoral muscles. Women with this type are often smaller-breasted. A wireless bra is best because it’ll provide comfort. One with a thick band is key to keeping them in place and help keep you supported. A push-up bra can also be used because it’ll create the illusion of having curves.
  8. Bell shape These kind of boobs are slimmer at the top while fuller at the bottom. They’re similar to slender boobs, but they’re just generally larger. Bell shapes occur most in women with heavier chests. For a C cup and under, a T-shirt bra is recommended as it’ll help you lift your boobs and have them actually sit in the cups. Though for D cup and above a full-coverage bra with padded straps is recommended for comfort and lift.
  9. Teardrop Teardrop boob types are very similar to round except there’s a little less breast tissue on top. They’re just a little less full on top than they are on the bottom. This kind is very common among women who’ve had children. One of the cool things about having this boob type is that all bra types should work for you. You can choose to have it be a push-up or not, it’s a matter of preference. This type the one that most bra designers have in mind when they’re creating a bra.
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