Applebee’s Is Selling 2 New Giant Halloween Cocktails For $5

Applebee’s Is Selling 2 New Giant Halloween Cocktails For $5 Applebee's

Cocktails are a year-round enjoyment, but around the holidays, they’re something special. That’s because you can get super seasonal and celebrate with special themes or ingredients to bring a sense of fun to your drinking. Applebee’s has done just that with their two new Halloween cocktails that are not only gigantic, they’re only $5 each!

  1. First up, there’s the Tipsy Zombie. The Tipsy Zombie sounds like my idea of a good time. Not only is it a vivid blue color, but it’s also made with Bacardi Superior, a float of Midori, and topped with some delicious gummy brains for that added spooky factor (and sugar rush).
  2. Dracula’s Juice sounds equally delicious. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dracula’s Juice is bright red in color and is made with Patrón Tequila, Bacardi Superior, wildberry, and margarita mix. I’m not really sure if it’s the kind of drink vampires would be into, but I am!
  3. You get a whole lot of drink for $5. Both of Applebee’s Halloween cocktails are served in absolutely gigantic “Mucho” glasses, meaning you’ll probably be pretty damn tipsy from just one. And for $5, it’s a total steal!
  4. You can even order these to go! At select Applebee’s locations across the country, both of these yummy Halloween cocktails can be ordered to-go, meaning you can take them home with you and sip from the comfort of your own couch. Just make sure you order some food to go with it – you’ll probably be hungry!
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