Are Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski Dating? ‘Stay Tuned’

When it comes to celebrity couples, some are strange and unexpected (hello, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson!) while others just seem to make sense. That’s definitely the case for Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski, who are apparently maybe possibly dating. Allegedly. Rumors have been flying online that the pair have been “secretly dating” for a while now, which is all good since Pitt is single and Ratajkowski filed for divorce from estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard last month. However, is there any truth to the (hopeful) rumors? No one seems to want to say just yet.

Once again, we look to an “insider” for clues. According to Page Six, someone in the know has spoken out about the Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski pairing. However, their comments are so cryptic that we’re no closer to an answer. “People have been speculating about this for a while. Brad is not dating anybody. They [Pitt and Ratajkowski] have been seen a couple times together,” they said. They went on to point out that Pitt has “been seen with other people” and that he’s not really dating any one person in particular. What does it mean?!

However, all hope is not lost. The insider went on to tell fans to “stay tuned,” meaning there must be further developments on the way. Maybe they’re still getting to know each other and it’s too soon to comment on whether their hanging out will amount to “dating.” Maybe they are properly dating and just don’t want to go public with it since that’s basically a death knell for relationships in Hollywood. Who can say?

There does seem to be more than meets the eye here. According to OK! Magazine, Brad Pitt made his move on Emily Ratajkowski in August. A source told the publication, “He asked her out, and she said yes. She’s always thought Brad was cute, and the way she saw it, what did she have to lose?”

The pair do seem to have a lot in common. For instance, they’re both still in the middle of divorces, though Pitt’s from ex-wife Angelina Jolie seems slightly more contentious and drama-laden than Ratajkowski’s at the moment. Then again, Ratajkowski filed because of alleged infidelity, so they have plenty of relationship disaster stories to share, among other things. I guess we just have to wait and see how things play out.

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