Are Soulmates Real? Signs You’ve Finally Found Your Person

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if soulmates are real, you’re not alone. The idea of meeting that one person who is your perfect other may seem overly romantic and even impossible, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If you’ve ever wondered if you’ve finally found your “One,” keep an eye out for these signs.

You feel an overwhelming sense of calm around them. Whenever you’re with them, you’re overwhelmed by a feeling of peace. It doesn’t matter how stressful life is or what you have going on. When you’re with your real soulmate, the panic dissipates and you feel as if you could cope with anything that comes your way.

You balance each other out perfectly. Maybe you have a temper and they’re so laid-back, they’re horizontal. Perhaps they hold grudges but you’re someone who believes in the importance of forgiveness. Whatever your differences, when you’re together, you find the perfect balance and bring out the best in each other. If there’s any proof that soulmates are real, this is it.

You feel totally comfortable being vulnerable with them. It can be hard to open up about the tough stuff, even with a long-term partner. However, when you’ve found your soulmate, it’s not a struggle at all. You don’t fear being judged or misunderstood and instead feel totally safe telling them absolutely anything that’s on your mind or in your heart.

You share the same life goals. I’m not talking about wanting to get a dog next year or traveling to Japan in a couple of years. You and your soulmate will have a real understanding and agreement of what the future looks like for you. This could be about where you’ll live or whether or not you’ll start a family to things like what you’ll do when you retire and how you want to grow old.

You can’t picture your life without them. When you think back to life before them, it’s tough. It’s not that you don’t know and appreciate that you had many years and experiences before they came into your life, it’s just that imagining your life without them seems strange. The minute you meet them, your soulmate seems so familiar, as if there’s a chance you had a real connection before now. It’s possible!

Your relationship is easy. While you probably hear a lot of couples talk about how relationships are “hard work,” and indeed you need to put some effort into maintaining your connection, your relationship with your soulmate will often feel effortless. You both want things to work and you’re dedicated to one another and your relationship, so in that way, it’s easy.

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