Are You A Mean Girl? 18 Signs You’re A Major Bitch

Are You A Mean Girl? 18 Signs You’re A Major Bitch ©iStock/e_rasmus

The idea of the “mean girl” isn’t new, but unfortunately, it does exist well beyond high school. Whether it’s to complete strangers, colleagues, or even your own group of friends, if you’re constantly acting like a bitch and subtly undermining your fellow women, you likely fit the description. Whether or not it’s intentional, if you’re guilty of any of the following, you probably need to reign it in immediately or risk being branded a mean girl for life.

  1. You’re quick to call people out on their mistakes. If you don’t do it, no one will, and sometimes people just need a reality check.
  2. People don’t say to no to you. Because they’re terrified to see what happens if they do.
  3. No one wants to confide in you. Even your friends don’t like to tell you when they regress in their life choices because you always seem like you couldn’t care less.
  4. You’re not great with secrets. When one friend does confide, you turn around and spill the beans pretty much immediately to anyone who will listen – particularly if the secret is about someone you both know.
  5. You see everything as a competition. It’s less that you’re inspired by your friend’s successes and more that you want them for yourself.
  6. You consider yourself the ringleader in every situation. Your friends should do what you say because you obviously know best, and the same goes for your colleagues. You don’t give them another choice.
  7. You’re the one with resting bitch face. But it’s not the natural shape of your face, it’s mostly just your mood.
  8. You’re judgmental, but you feel like everyone is. If people aren’t gossiping, you assume they’re still having the same thoughts as you, they’re just not expressing them.
  9. No men are off-limits to you. So what, he’s in a relationship or that he’s dated one of your friends already? Anyone is fair game, as far as you’re concerned.
  10. Other people’s insecurities annoy you. Instead of treading carefully around your people’s weak spots, you might even push their buttons on purpose. Can’t they just toughen up?
  11. You’re not above giving the silent treatment. In fact, you think it can be a pretty effective way of letting people know that they really messed up. (Even though you think they should already know anyway.)
  12. You’re always the one to set and break the trends. When you say a style of pants is out, you expect everyone to follow suit and ditch their pair.
  13. You’ve ever purposefully left someone out. Sometimes you just need a break from certain people.
  14. Guys ask if you’re “the bitchy one”. When you’re out meeting new people, they always seem to zero in on your personality type first. That can’t be a good sign.
  15. You need to evaluate new members of your friend group before they’re let in. You feel like you have a responsibility to keep the crew’s reputation strong, and if that means excluding newbies, so be it.
  16. You secretly relish being the hottest. Or not-so secretly. You like to keep your beauty tricks to yourself so that no one else has the chance to one up you.
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