Are You An Alpha Female Or Just A Mean Girl?

Alpha females often get a bad rep for being ruthless, intimating and fearless leaders in the modern world, but we’re often misunderstood and misjudged. However, there’s a clear difference between being a badass independent woman who takes charge of life and a mean girl. Which one are you?

  1. Alpha females have intelligent arguments/debates of substance.Mean girls use mindless name calling to tear someone down; an alpha female will argue on points of discussion only. She won’t make crappy personal digs at the person she’s debating with because she possesses the intelligence and tact to keep things classy.
  2. Alpha females earn their right to success.Mean girls feel that everything’s owed to them and kick up a fuss when they’re not given things freely. An alpha female works hard for what she has, and even when things are given freely to her; she shows complete gratitude and appreciation for everything she has.
  3. Alpha females walk away from things and people that don’t return the respect.Mean girls seek to get revenge in a spiteful way. Alpha females don’t believe in revenge; they only seek to become better versions of themselves because they know the best way to get revenge is to go on living a happy and successful life.
  4. Alpha females will be honest about something that upsets them.Mean girls will be passive aggressive and make snide digs, but an alpha female has no issue with voicing when she’s pissed off with you. She won’t dance around the topic or expect you to be a mind reader. She’s concise, even if you might not like hearing it. It’s better than trying to dissect the cryptic statements of the mean girl.
  5. Alpha females are confident.Mean girls are conceited. An alpha female is confident in a way that she owns her flaws and her strengths and wears them all proudly. She has no reason to play up her confidence in an arrogant way. She’s proud of who she is, even if she isn’t perfect.
  6. Alpha females encourage their men to become greater. Mean girls pick fights and insult their partners as a means to make them change. An alpha female isn’t the woman who has huge blowouts in her relationships routinely. Fights will happen as in any relationship, but her means of resolving them don’t include hissy fits and nagging on her partner’s weaknesses. Instead, she takes her time to cool down and approaches her relationship with the same logic that she’s used to solve her problems in the real world — the world she’s killing it in.
  7. Alpha females seek to resolve any conflict.Mean girls refuse to compromise. An alpha female will accept constructive criticism and improve herself if that’s what it takes to resolve any disruptions in her life. She’s a problem solver and she doesn’t like to drag things out for longer than necessary. Seeking harmony serves her better than satisfying her ego.
  8. Alpha females accept differences in others.Mean girls insult anyone who doesn’t live by the same mold. Alpha females know that there are different personalities and lifestyles in the world, and they accept them as they come. Alpha females don’t take who they are lightly. They know that their ferocity and strength may intimidate others, but they don’t care much because they know they have a right to be who they are, just like everyone else.