Are You Close To Cheating? 16 Signs You’re Flirting With Danger

Are You Close To Cheating? 16 Signs You’re Flirting With Danger ©iStock/Anchiy

Maybe you having explicitly crossed the line and slept with anyone so you don’t feel like a cheater, but that doesn’t mean your behavior is exactly loyal. There are other ways to cheat on your partner than just having sex with someone else, and none of them are good. Here are some signs that you’ve gotten a little too close and need to get your behavior in check immediately

  1. You have texts to hide from your guy. No we’re not talking about poop texts between you and your best friend, we’re talking about “innocent flirting” that isn’t really innocent, otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding it.
  2. You don’t mention your relationship when guys hit on you. You’d rather that everyone perceives you as single except that you’re not. Hoping for some new attention from the next hot thing to come around, are we?
  3. Your man is totally suspicious. You feel like he should trust you, but for some reason he just really doesn’t.
  4. You’re mildly crushing on all kinds of random people. For some reason, you’ve just been bored lately and you feel like anything else seems more exciting than your humdrum life.
  5. You’ve randomly spent the night at a guy friend’s house. It was closer to the bar and you’re totally just friends. Except that you know for a fact that he has feelings for you.
  6. Other people pop into your sexual fantasies. And not other people like Chris Hemsworth, other people like that “platonic” guy friend you like to hang out with.
  7. You feel like this relationship is basically already over. So you’re not taking the whole commitment thing all that seriously at the moment, even though you haven’t talked to your boyfriend about where you stand.
  8. You feel like if your man can’t be there, someone else should. Some research has found that women are three times as likely to cheat on their birthdays when they’re unhappy in their relationship than not. Just because he gets caught late at work and can’t make it to your celebration (or really any other special event), that’s not an excuse to cheat.
  9. You let that guy at work take you out to coffee. I mean, yeah, you can see the appeal, but he’s a coworker so you would never cross that line even if you were single. Or would you
  10. Strangers frequently try to kiss you at bars. Ugh, WTF, where did that get the idea that kissing you was appropriate after you were flirting with him for a mere three hours straight? As if.
  11. You think he’s cheated. And you feel like you have the right to get him back. Revenge cheating is still cheating.
  12. You’ve opened up to another guy emotionally. Your boyfriend hasn’t really been there on that level lately so you found someone else who is.
  13. Your friends have asked you if you have cheated lately. They wouldn’t be wondering unless you were putting out the vibe that it was a distinct possibility.
  14. You live for the thrill. And sometimes you like to get that thrill from having an otherwise casual drink with someone else’s boyfriend.
  15. You think flirting is a game. You don’t really think it’s your responsibility to clean up the aftermath.
  16. You’re texting your exes. Never mind the fact that you were totally over them, you just like keeping in touch with people who would be down for sex if you wanted it someday.
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