Are You Compatible Or Do You Just Have Amazing Sexual Chemistry?

The type of love often seen in the movies is so obviously fake, but there is some truth to it. The couples that fall head over heels in a span of days on the big screen are experiencing plenty of white-hot chemistry where there’s lots of passionate sex and even more passionate conflict. However, chemistry and compatibility are not the same. Are you and the guy you’re dating compatible? Read on to find out.

  1. Compatibility means working well as a team in all areas of life. When you find someone and get together, sure, the chemistry is there at the beginning. But what makes you fall in love and stay that way is the way you work together as a team. Maybe you have your housework ironed out like clockwork or know how to handle social situations perfectly together. Whatever the case may be, your partnership is just that—a partnership.
  2. Chemistry is working well in the bedroom over anything else. You can have strong chemistry with someone and the sex will be amazing at all hours of the day. You could be tired from working a double after spending a week watching your sister’s puppy and you’ll still be raring to go. This isn’t to say compatibility doesn’t come with its own sexual perks, but chemistry tends to override anything else when it comes to romps in the sack.
  3. Compatibility starts slow and grows over time. It’s hard to tell whether you’re compatible with someone when you first meet them because you don’t know anything about them yet. As you date someone new and get to know the ins and outs of who they are, compatibility begins to grow. You learn that they’ll help you relax if you’re the type to always be on the go and you’re able to talk them out of any socially anxious situation they find themselves in. It’s about the yin and yang that can only be achieved after spending quality time together.
  4. Chemistry is instant and strong right out of the gate. If the chemistry is through the roof, you probably aren’t thinking long-term. You want to get to know them quickly and without limits. While this can be good in the short-term, not giving a relationship time to grow can cause it to burn out as fast as it started.
  5. Compatibility feels safe and comfortable. It’s been said that the ‘One’ won’t be the person that gives you sweaty palms and a quickened heart rate, it’ll be the one that calms you. That right there is the epitome of compatibility. It may start off with those first anxious feelings because chemistry does usually drive initial attraction, but all that stress of falling in love will fade once your compatibility starts to show through.
  6. Chemistry is more on the passionate, crazy-in-love end of the spectrum. The old song “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna is the perfect example of a chemistry-driven relationship. They tend to be quick to the punch, tumultuous, and cloaked in conflict. This is because that type of love is driven by the chemicals in the brain that causes those fast feelings of love. They do call it chemistry for a reason.
  7. Compatibility can last a lifetime. Having strong compatibility will give lifelong hope to the relationship you’re in. A lot of relationships fail, but if you find yourself working with someone on a different level, it has a different air of success to it. You’ll know how your partner communicates, what they need in love, and all the other things that go into developing a strong relationship and having it go the distance.
  8. Chemistry gets less hot as the passion fades. Chemistry will always fade a little bit as relationships go on. This is generally where compatibility, respect, and mutual love comes in. These deeper levels of infatuation are what makes relationships last. If all you and your partner have is chemistry, though, the harsh reality is that you won’t make it for the long haul.
  9. Both are important for love to flourish. For a relationship to even get off the ground, there has to be chemistry. You can’t force feelings or attraction after all, but having compatibility is far more important when it comes to love.
Angelica Bottaro is a freelance writer and aspiring novelist based out of Toronto. She is an avid reader and music lover and enjoys getting lost in the written word and meaningful melodies.