Are You Meant To Live Alone? 12 Signs You’re Bad At Sharing Your Space

Some people are just not meant for living with anyone else. Cohabitating is a lot of hard work, and whether it’s your best friend, a family member or a boyfriend, you honestly just want them out of your hair – and your house. I mean, why compromise when you could have an entire space all to yourself? Okay, so maybe that’s a sign that I’m meant to live alone.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live alone – some of us just like things a certain way. Here are a few signs you’re not very good at living under the same roof as anyone else.

  1. It’s your bed, all your bed. While many women can’t stand to sleep alone, some of us hate the thought of sharing the bed. The moment you get comfortable, your boyfriend kicks you in his sleep or starts snoring in your hair. The urge to push him out of the bed is unbearable. It’d much nicer if he’d just sleep somewhere else.
  2. You’re OCD about your stuff. You have everything arranged just the way you like it. If someone touches it, you freak out. There’s no room in your porcelain cat collection for a roommate to put a stuffed dog. How could she ever think about it? She should just get her own place and leave your stuff alone.
  3. Your clothes fill a small house. I honestly don’t know how I’d share a closet with someone else. I’m pretty sure I’m like many other women who need a small house just for their wardrobe. If you live alone, you get all the closet space in all the bedrooms to yourself.
  4. You like your cat better than your friends. After a long day, you’d rather be around your cat than your friends. Why on earth would bring another person into your peaceful home? You’re sharing with your cat. Isn’t that enough?
  5. You don’t even want a pet, let alone a roommate. It’s definitely a sign if you don’t even want a pet in your house. The thought of having a pet is just too much work and they’ll disturb you at random times. It’s just easier if the entire home is yours.
  6. Sharing isn’t going to happen. Any women who never had siblings probably know that sharing isn’t easy. If you can’t stand the idea of having to share your ice cream or DVR with another person, you’re probably better off living alone.
  7. Routines can’t be changed, AT ALL. This is non-negotiable. If you must be in bed by 8 PM, your roommate must be completely silent by that time. If you need to be in the bathroom for an hour at 7 AM, no one else better be in there. Okay, just forget it. If anybody’s living with you, they’ll just screw up your routines. It’s definitely better living alone.
  8. Your favorite time of day is when everyone leaves. If you’re living with someone now, you’ve probably noticed the best time of day is when everyone is gone. You look more forward to this time than any other. It’s like Christmas every day. It could be Christmas 24/7 if you lived alone.
  9. You’d rather pay higher rent to have it all. You probably gave in and got a roommate just to save money on rent. Now that you have the money, higher rent doesn’t sound so bad if it means having everything your way all the time.
  10. Guys never get to spend the night. Odds are when you meet a new guy, you either hookup at his place or if he does come over, you kick him out the moment you’re done. You’ve both had your fun, so why should he still be around? After all, it’s your place, not his.
  11. Bathrooms were never meant to be shared. If there’s one lesson women learn in life, it’s that bathrooms weren’t meant to be shared. You need room for all your beauty supplies and you definitely don’t want to wait for your turn in the shower.
  12. Having people over awakens your inner beast. You’re trying to be sociable and invite a group of friends over, but all you keep thinking about is how they’re moving your stuff, sitting in your favorite spot and eating all your food. You just want to go all Hulk on them and toss them out.
  13. Why can’t everyone just think like you? This is a thought you have on a daily basis. The moment your roommate does something to irritate you, you wonder why they couldn’t be more like you. Then you realize: you’re perfect, they’re not and they need to move out now!
  14. People are just too damn loud. When even the sound of your roommate’s breathing at night drives you crazy, you’re definitely meant to live alone. No, you’re not getting old. You just like your peace and quiet. At the very least, you’re happier with your own random noises.

Go ahead and admit it. You love living alone. You don’t want others cluttering up your space. Kick out your roommates and take over your home.

Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.