Are You The Mom Of Your Girl Squad?

Are You The Mom Of Your Girl Squad? ©iStock/pixelfit

Every friend group has that one girl who’s super responsible, keeps everyone in check and makes sure that nobody crosses any lines of insanity. Yeah, she may seem a little uptight, but it’s only because she’s not just your friend, she’s your group mom. Sound like you? Here are 10 more signs that you’re the cool mom friend your girl gang is lucky to have:

  1. You clean up after everyone’s messes. You don’t mind wiping tables, washing dishes and arranging chairs while everyone has passed out in the living room after a wild party. It’s not added work for you, but labor of love for “your girls.”
  2. You’re the first one to volunteer for apartment cleanups/moves. Moving house is never fun, but until you get settled down in a place you buy or plan to rent long-term, you have to do it semi-often. When your friend tries to bribe your group with free pizza and beer if you help her out, you don’t think twice before volunteering because you need to know she’s settled okay.
  3. You’re in charge of tasks that require planning. Whether it’s ordering Chinese takeout or making plans for your next out of town weekend trip, all of the girls rely on you to take care of everything and you don’t actually mind it.
  4. You expect everyone to be on time all the time. One of your pet peeves is when your group is late to arrive at an event, be it your other friend’s wedding ceremony or the Pilates class you’ve all signed up for. You text and call each several times until you can be sure that they won’t be late, and if they are, you give them crap for it.
  5. You always remind everyone to wash their hands. You have an inexplicable aversion to germs — they spread sickness! — so whether it’s before eating at a dinner you’ve hosted in your house or at a fancy restaurant, you want everyone’s hands to be clean before they pick up the spoon and fork to eat.
  6. You don’t mind being a chaperone. You know your friends are grown ass women, but you worry about them, especially when they’re out meeting new guys they found online. You’re always the emergency contact and don’t mind stationing yourself nearby to keep an eye on your BFFs to make sure they’re safe.
  7. You insist they text you when they get home. Before you part ways after your girls’ night out, the first thing you do is to check your phone. You don’t go to sleep until you’re sure everyone has texted you that they’re home safely. If ever one of the girls forgot, you’ve been known to seriously freak out.
  8. You’re the first person they go to for relationship advice. So a total jerk broke your friend’s heart and she’s all tears because of what had happened. You’re always right there to drop some words of wisdom and to look after her while she’s not feeling strong enough to do it herself.
  9. Your girls would be goners without you. Because they’ve gotten used to your take-charge attitude and special brand of TLC, they know they’d be so lost without you. Sure, they can take care of themselves, but they know life is a lot better with you there by their sides.
Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Find her broken, honest, and brave musings at