Arrested Man Claimed Meth Was Salt He Used To Treat His Ingrown Toenail

Arrested Man Claimed Meth Was Salt He Used To Treat His Ingrown Toenail Ouachita Parish Jail

A Louisiana man who was arrested on drug possession charges tried to pull a fast one on police when he claimed that the meth he had on him was actually salt he was using to treat an ingrown toenail. While officers immediately saw through the outrageous lie, one thing’s for sure: 47-year-old John Combs certainly deserves points for creativity!

  1. Combs was carrying the drugs around in his pocket. Police found the meth inside a Walmart bag in the pocket of his pants. Combs immediately had an explanation for the finding, insisting that he wasn’t carrying drugs at all. In fact, that suspicious substance in the bag was “salt which he had to treat an in-grown toenail,” according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun.
  2. His bad lie wasn’t the only thing that gave him away. The whole reason police were talking to him in the first place is because they spotted him walking in the middle of a busy road in West Monroe at about 4:25 a.m. while carrying a giant stick. That’s not really great behavior and gave police probable cause to stop him.
  3. Combs really didn’t want police searching his pockets. After asking him to put down the stick, officers “patted him down for any more possible weapons.” According to reports, he was none too pleased about the patrolman checking his pockets and tried to stop him from doing so. However, the bag was found anyway. Despite Combs’ insistence that he was carrying salt, the officer “identified the substance as methamphetamine.”
  4. Combs was arrested and booked into Ouachita Parish jail. He’s being held there on felony charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Something tells me that ingrown toenail won’t be getting fixed anytime soon.
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