If You’re Into Astrology, Forget Your Sun Sign—You NEED To Know Your Moon Sign

After finding out what my moon sign is, details about my personality made more sense to me because it illuminated qualities that my sun sign could never explain. Here’s why you should check out your moon sign if you’re into astrology.

  1. Your moon sign is determined by the moon’s position at the time you were born. So you’ll need to do a birth chart. You can do your birth chart at AstroStyle.com for free! It’s super interesting and a lot of fun.
  2. You may connect with your moon sign than your sun sign. I always felt like my sun sign explained who I am in some ways but I felt like it totally missed the mark in other ways because it didn’t reflect who I am deep down inside. If you are curious about why you feel the way you do sometimes, your moon sign might provide some insight.
  3. Your moon sign rules your emotional, vulnerable sideOf all of the celestial entities in the sky, the moon rules our subconscious, our instincts, our emotions, and who we are beneath all of our complicated layers. It’s our reflective and intuitive inner voice. Finding out about your moon sign might empower you to find a way to harness your emotional power and  channel your moods and reactions whenever they occur. For me, knowledge of my moon sign has helped me to understand my unique emotional needs.
  4. Your moon sign tells you what you need in relationshipsMaybe your relationships haven’t been going as well as you’d hoped. Maybe you feel something about you is driving people away because you don’t know what you need. If this sounds like you, discovering your moon sign could help you figure out what kinds of people you need to have in your corner to soothe you emotionally. I found that reading more about my moon sign from a variety of different sources helped me form a mosaic of qualities that I need from others in order to have successful relationships based on the emotional qualities that I have too. It’s all about balance!
  5. Your moon sign might reveal your deepest fears. For example, I’m a Lunar Aquarian. For the longest time, I didn’t understand why I felt so detached from my emotions or feelings sometimes. Turns out Lunar Aquarians are hyper-analytical, observant, shy, and can sometimes alienate others because we have a subconscious fear of rejection. Now I know that I need to be with someone who can help bring me into the fold and remind me that I’m still human and full of heart.
  6. If you want to know why you react the way you do in a crisis, read about your moon sign. Have you ever been sure of your reaction to a crisis only for a crisis to occur and for you to react completely differently? If so, figure out your moon sign! As a Lunar Aquarian, I now know why I I become objective, stoic, and detached in the face of a crisis. It’s not always the best for everyone around me because I can appear unemotional, but I’m able to compartmentalize my emotions in a way that helps me find a solution to a problem rather than lament in the moment itself. Now that I know this, I can work on being intentionally more emotionally connected in crisis situations so that I don’t alienate those who need me the most.
  7. Your moon sign channels your creativity. Our moon sign rules our emotions, which are super related to our creative and imaginative side. If you’re looking for a new hobby or a way to expand or enrich something creative that you’re already doing, I suggest that you look to your moon sign for guidance. It might give you a clearer picture of where you should focus your efforts and talents!
  8. Doing a moon sign compatibility might reveal more than a sun sign compatibility. If you take anything away from this read, I hope it is this! Relationships are largely contingent on feelings between people, so doesn’t it make sense for us to do compatibilities of our moon signs? Uh, yeah! I did a compatibility chart with my boyfriend and it’s actually been super helpful! Now, when we argue, I know how to better connect with him because I have an idea about what makes him vulnerable, what tugs on his emotions, how he deals with things subconsciously, and how we connect on a lunar level. You have to try this!
  9. You can read both your sun and your moon signs from now on for a clearer picture. Since discovering my moon sign, I now check both of my sun and moon signs when I read my horoscope. My sun reading tells me what is happening in my general world and then my moon reading helps to inform and/or confirm what I’m feeling. You might think it’s ridiculous if you don’t believe in astrology, but for me it’s been eye-opening!
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.