Attracting A Man: How To Do It And What To Avoid Doing

As much as we like to complicate the process, attracting a man is actually pretty simple to do and doesn’t require all that much effort. While it is a fine balance, here are some things to do to reel him in as well as a few behaviors to avoid when trying to catch a guy’s attention.

How to pique a guy’s interest

  1. Look good as hell. As cliche and depressing as this may sound, attracting a man is a lot about physical appearance. While you don’t need to be a supermodel to win the man of your dreams, you will have to make a bit of an effort if you want to make a good first impression. Don’t go around in your sweaty gym clothes with messy hair and smeared mascara and expect men to be falling at your feet. Practice good hygiene, wear what makes you feel confident, and go out into the world feeling and looking hot as hell. It’s sad that men are such simple creatures, but your appearance will be the first thing they notice.
  2. Smile a bit. Your physical beauty may get his attention at first but the next step towards attracting a man is all about cheerfulness and easy-going attitude. Even though you guys haven’t started talking yet, make sure you’re all smiles when you see him. You can smile, wave, and say hello. It’s obnoxious as hell when men tell you to smile, but it does make you appear happy, open, and potentially interested.
  3. Be your naturally charming self. Men love it when women are interesting and can hold conversations. I mean, who wants to be around someone who’s boring and has nothing to say? You on’t need to know the capital cities in the world or solve a tough math problem. You just need to be able to hold mentally stimulating conversations and have a mind of your own. Nothing is hotter than being hot and being smart enough to speak and think creatively. Read self-help books, watch movies, or join an organization that will improve your knowledge. Who knows, your crush might be sapiosexual?
  4. Lead with confidence. There is nothing pretty about slouching or walking with your head down. Be confident about who you’re and how you look. Stop whining about your small boobs, your braces, or your stretch marks. You’re beautiful and you shouldn’t wait for a man to validate that. You’re a big deal, and when you know this, it changes the way you carry yourself and attracting a man becomes effortless.
  5. Give him some space. It’s normal to want to call him every hour and drop a message every thirty minutes, but hang on. You could be sending the wrong message especially if you guys just started talking. It might come off as desperation, which is a huge turn-off and makes you less attractive. So, please keep your distance a little and don’t stifle him with an excessive display of love. You can still be available but never be annoyingly clingy. Attracting a man is all about playing it cool.
  6. Throw some genuine compliments his way. Men also love being complimented, either on their outfits, an accomplishment, or for helping you change your car’s oil. Always be quick to say something kind to him and appreciate his little efforts. This doesn’t only show that you’re interested in him but also shows off your loving and positive personality.

Attracting a man: what not to do

  1. Don’t be desperate. While it’s understandable that you like this guy and can’t wait to date him, don’t go overboard with your moves. Be open and interested but don’t make a fool of yourself. Be available for him but don’t throw yourself at him. Be confident in yourself and know that if he likes you, he’ll make his move. There’s a fine balance between interest and clinginess when attracting a man. It’s important to toe it carefully.
  2. Don’t be self-obsessed. Learn to pay attention to him as well. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to come off as selfish and insensitive. Don’t go on rambling about your life, friends, and experiences without asking anything about him and his life. Pay attention to his body language, ask the right questions, and sincerely get to know him.
  3. Don’t flirt too much with everyone you see. You may have a naturally flirty personality, but you may want to tone it down a bit when trying to attract one man in particular. Unless your guy is a swinger, he won’t appreciate having to share you with everyone. You’re free to have friends, of course, but don’t give off the impression that you’ll flirt with anything that moves.
  4. Don’t be too available. As much as you’re trying to get this guy to like you, he should also understand that you’re a total catch. Don’t throw yourself at him. Give him the cue that you’re interested but still take a step back and let him chase after you. Men love the thrill of wooing you and getting you to fall in love with them. Do your own thing and maintain your own life. If he wants to be part of it, he can fit in.

Attracting a man isn’t so much of a struggle if you apply these tips. Overall, you should be yourself and pick the tips that work best for you. If you’re not naturally funny, don’t force it. Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in. Just be yourself and the right man will find you.