7 Awkward Relationship Firsts and How to Get Through Them

7 Awkward Relationship Firsts and How to Get Through Them ©iStock/Leonardo Patrizi

Getting into a new relationship is fun and exciting, sure, but let’s be honest – it’s also super nerve-wracking. It can be hard to navigate awkward and embarrassing moments with your new man, but it’s not impossible. Plus, once you’ve moved past them, you’ll realize those moments weren’t so bad after all. How can you survive? Don’t worry, we’ll help.

  1. The first date. Come on, what’s more awkward than getting together with someone you hardly know (if at all) to mutually judge each other’s personality and looks? First dates are as awkward as they come, especially if you have to find the guy in a crowded bar or pretend like you didn’t just stutter when he asked you how many siblings you have. Breathe, girl. Have a drink.
  2. The first time you totally insult him. Whoops, how were you supposed to know he absolutely loves tiny dogs? You didn’t really mean that men that own them are totally pansies and that you’d never date one. Time to backpedal. Apologize for putting your foot in your mouth and remind him that he clearly changed your perspective on that topic.
  3. The first time you talk about exes. Talking about exes for the first time can be a little awkward because he might ask you how many guys you’ve slept with or if you’ve ever cheated on anyone. Or he might reveal that his ex girlfriend is your favorite actress, which is unsettling in a whole different kind of way. The best thing to do in this situation is to be mostly honest, but remain calm. You don’t want to hide anything that you would regret later, but you also don’t want to lead with the fact that your record of breaking hearts is unmatched in the state.
  4. The first time you have to poop at his house. Ugh. You’ve done everything you can to not drink coffee over at his place when you sleep over, but this morning he surprised you with breakfast in bed. Cute, but now you’re poop-tastic and have literally no idea how much longer you can hold it. It’s bound to happen eventually, and you don’t need the reminder that it’s totally normal, but it’s still weird. He probably won’t be lurking around the bathroom, but if the bathroom is in the bedroom, do what you can to lure him into the other room and then say you’re going to hop in the shower. Then pray that he has air freshener or matches.
  5. The first time you see him naked. Hopefully this is super hot and thrilling and not actually awkward at all, but things happen. The first time we get physical with someone, there’s a lot to take in, from penis size to manscaping and everything in between. Plus, we don’t know each other’s personal preferences, so there can be a bit of trial and error involved the first time we get down. If you happen to be caught totally off guard by something weird happening, it’s best to speak up now or forever hold your peace. It just gets more awkward later when he asks why you didn’t mention your hatred for doggie style until after the 25th time you did it.
  6. The first morning after a really wild night together. Well, if he didn’t know before now, he’s all caught up on the fact that you’re still really bummed out about that kindergarten bullying incident. Wait, did you really invite him to every friend’s wedding that’s occurring over the next year and then shed a couple tears but blame in on being sentimental? Whoops. Your only chances of not feeling a little awkward this one are totally laughing off the night and hope that he was just as drunk and said some weird things himself.
  7. The first time you wonder if he’s lying to you. Odds are your guy is a good one and he’s not lying to you, but it happens. Whether or not he is actually lying, there will probably be a time that you wonder about it. Then what? Awkward. If you tend towards paranoia, try to slow down your obsessive thoughts so you don’t accuse him of something weird, but when it’s appropriate, just ask for clarification. “Oh, did you mention that you have an ex that lives next door? I missed that.”
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