The Awkward Truth Of Being A Girl Without Close Female Friends

The Awkward Truth Of Being A Girl Without Close Female Friends ©iStock/gremlin

Every girl should have a best friend, and that friend should be another woman. But what happens when you find yourself out of college, in a job, and completely female-friendless? The answer is simple: crap starts getting awkward. Without close girlfriends to talk to, you’re kind of on your own.

  1. You’re always wondering about how normal you are.With no one to ask whether the amount of hair growing under your pits is normal or not, you’re just left wondering in the dark.
  2. You have no one to share embarrassing sex stories with.Because talking to guys about the size of other guys’ penises is just… weird.
  3. You’re forced to patch things up with your sister.Because now she’s the closest thing you have to a girlfriend. You’ll have to put all those times she stole your sweaters behind you.
  4. You find yourself wondering whether you’ll even get to have three bridesmaids.It’s not even a question about whether or not you’ll get married anymore. Also, you only have one sister, and she can’t multiply.
  5. You never go window shopping anymore.Which is a complete shame, but you can’t just go by yourself, right? I mean, how the hell would that even work?
  6. You start losing confidence in your ability to interact with other women.Like, what happens if they ask me where I get my eyebrows done? Am I allowed to say I did them myself?
  7. You try making a pact with yourself to find a girl by the end of the month.But just like what happens when you promise yourself you won’t be single for the holidays again, your plan doesn’t work, and you’re still without a BFF come the summer.
  8. You end up becoming either super girly or super bro-like when you hang out with guys.There’s no in-between. You just don’t know how to act in public anymore.
  9. You have pretty bad fashion sense. Because no one can help you get dressed for a night out. Except for your mom, but you’re pretty sure that no matter how bad you think your sense of fashion is, hers has got to be worse.
  10. Your parents are always asking about your friends from high school.“I told you, mom! Stacey and I aren’t friends anymore since we went to different colleges!” Oh, how you now long for Stacey.
  11. You pretty much just stop watching romantic comedies.Now, it’s all about Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion and Broad City.
  12. Your boyfriend becomes your BFF. Which isn’t so bad, until you realize he also has no fashion sense, and you can’t exactly talk to him about his penis either.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.